Watershed Group Training Summer 2016

Summer is a very busy time for PEI Watershed Alliance member groups as much watershed conservation and rehabilitation work is completed.

PEI Watershed Alliance was pleased to offer the following training opportunities to groups this summer:

1) Trout Unlimited Canada’s From to Function: Stream Rehabilitation Training, June 21-24th in Hunter River.

During this course, participants learnt from national instructors (Jack Imhof and Silvia D’Amelio) as well as local instructors Rosie MacFarlane and Daryl Guignion about the principles and applications of watershed rehabilitation approaches.  Topics included: understanding watershed and river systems, assessment and monitoring approaches, determining key issues and how to address them.

Thank you to Department of Communities, Land and Environment in the offering of this course, not only did the provide financial contribution but also many individuals provided in-kind support and technical expertise on different aspects of the course (Kevin Arsenault, Cindy Crane, Sean Ledgerwood, Kate MacQuarrie, Ross Bernard, Sherri).  Similarly, many thanks to the board of the PEI Watershed Alliance for their help and support.
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2) Watershed Worker Training, July 5th and 6th in Hunter River :
– Rosie MacFarlane gave a presentation on stream rehabilitation techniques and fish habitat:

– Norman Dewar provided information on Agricultural Biosecurity Disinfection procedures:

– Daryl Guignon toured participants on the West River to showcase watershed rehabilitation works.

– Gary Schneider provided instruction on riparian planting and tree and shrub pruning in Brookvale.

Over 40 participants took place in these workshops! Many thanks to all involved especially Norman, Rosie, Daryl and Gary.


3) NatureTracker app and Native Species Identification

Chris Rice and Barry Murray with Kensington North Watershed Association and Garry Gregory provided instruction on the NatureTracker App and Garry also highlighted information on native species to keep a look out for.
Three workshops were held: one in Hunter River on July 5th, one in Souris on July 7th and one in O’Leary on July 11th.



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