Watershed Management Fund Formula

The proposed Watershed Management Fund Formula has been accepted by the majority of groups based on a vote held at the end of November.

With this new formula, money will be allocated based on geographical size of groups (50%), performance (25%), leveraging (12.5%) and community involvement (12.5%).

PEI Watershed Alliance members worked together with government officials over the last year on the development of this formula. The PEI Watershed Alliance will continue to work closely with government on the implementation and reviews of this formula.

Message from Chairperson Dale Cameron regarding the new formula:

” PEI Watershed Alliance is pleased that the Watershed Management Fund (WMF) formula is moving forward. We feel the transparency of the new WMF formula allows our groups to clearly see where they excel and where they can improve. We wish to thank the department and minister for the unbiased support throughout the formula development process. ”


Press release from Government can be found by clicking here.

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