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Resources referenced in the Trout Unlimited Canada’s Stream Rehabilitation Training “Form to Function Workshop” June course:

Pembina Report Natural-credit-report 

Blanchfield and Ridgway2005~Relative influence of breeding and habitat quality on reproductivesuccess of Brook Trout

Ridgway and Blanchfield 98~brook trout spawning in Lakes

An Approach to the Management of Groundwater Resources to Protect and Enhance Fish Habitat by Blackport et al.  1994

Fields to Streams: Managing water in Rural Landscapes by University of Minnesota.

Landscapes to Riverscapes: Bridging the Gap between Research and Conservation of Stream Fishes,  by Fausch et al al. 2002

Natural Flow Regime, a Paradigm for River Conservation and Restoration by Poff et al.  1997

Wildland Hydrology website  – Dave Rosgen’s website

River Continuum Concept by Vannote 1980

Weather Underground weather website

The Hyporheic Handbook


Upcoming workshop in August:

A cycle of sedimentation and erosion in urban river channels 

Ontario Stream Restoration Manual:

National River Restoration Science Synthesis: https://www.americanrivers.org/

References regarding drought conditions:

Effects of Drought on fish across axes of space, time and complexity


Magoulick-Refugia for fish and Drought A Synthesis


Technical Manual for Watershed Management on Prince Edward Island

Read the Technical Manual

References and Links

Agricultural BioSecurity Resources:

Biosecurity protocol: BiosecurityProtocolSteps

Setting up a field biosecurity zone: Setting up a field biosecurity zone

Preparing for a farm visit: Preparing for a Farm Visit_ updated for industry 2015

Biosecurity kit for watershed worker information: Biosecurity Kit for PEI Watershed Workers_150904

Frequently Asked Questions regarding biosecurity: FAQ

MSDS sheet for agricultural disinfectant: GeneralStorageDisinfectant-englishmsds-2011

Labels for disinfectant containers:  Disinfectant_Label_Sprayer G.S.Disinfectant_Full Label G.S.Disinfectant_Label_Bottle


External Resources

Classes of Pesticideshttps://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/communities-land-and-environment/classes-pesticides and Pesticide Application Business Licence https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/communities-land-and-environment/pesticide-application-business-licence To report a possible pesticide problem, call 1-800-454-3231 and ask them to call an inspector, and say that you want an immediate call-back.

Wetland and Watercourse Regulationshttps://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/communities-land-and-environment/watercourse-wetland-and-buffer-zone-activity-permit and http://www.gov.pe.ca/law/statutes/pdf/e-09.pdf For more information, call Dale Thompson on 368-5052, or Kevin Arsenault on 902-854-7260

Reporting a Fish KillFish Kill Protocol 2016 here.

PEI Government Watershed Management resources

ALUS: Information about the ALUS program, where you can receive payments for retiring sensitive land, can be found here.

Maps: PEI Government – PEI Land On Line (interactive maps)

Trees and Shrubs: Macphail Woods (lots of information about tree species) including: a guide to Appropriate Planting Sites and a Deciduous Tree and Shrub Identification Guide


Presentations from the 2016 Winter Meeting

PEI Water Act Update – Todd Dupuis, Executive Director of Environment, PEI Department of Communities, Land and Environment

Abegweit Biodiversity and Enhancement Hatchery and the Fish Friends Program – Scott Taylor, Abegweit First Nation


Presentations from the 2015 AGM

Forest Cover: Opportunities and Challenges – Kate MacQuarrie, Director, PEI Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division

Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF) Update – Stephen Chase, Executive Director, Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation

PEI’s Changing Climate – Implications for Policy Makers and Regulators – Don Jardine, UPEI Climate Research Center

Citizens Alliance Projects – Chris Ortenburger

Blue Dot PEI (A Right to a Healthy Environment) – Cindy Richards

Nature-Like Fishways in PEI: Perfect Compromise? – Sean Landsman, PhD Candidate, University of Prince Edward Island Biology Department

Presentations from the 2014 AGM

An Overview of Investigation and Enforcement on PEI: Wade MacKinnon, Manager, Investigations and Enforcement Section, PEI Environment, Labour and Justice

Modeling Sea Level Rise on PEI (CLIVE MODEL): Dr. Adam Fenech, UPEI Climate Change Hub

Headwater Streams – Mapping 1st Order Streams and the Seasonal Variations in Flow: Shawn Hill, PEI Watershed Alliance and Dave Cody, Kensington North Watersheds Association

PEI Estuary Watch: Cindy Crane, Surface Water Biologist, PEI Department of Environment, Labour and Justice

Trialing New Strategies for Fish Habitat Restoration on the West (Eliot) River: Megan Harris, Watershed Coordinator, Central Queens Wildlife Federation

Groundwater Extraction Workshop, November 30th 2013, hosted by the PEI Watershed Alliance. Here are the presentations, and a letter to the minister:

The Water Beneath Our Feet: Understanding the Groundwater Resource. Kerry MacQuarrie

A modeling tool for assessing the impacts of groundwater extractions on stream flow in PEI. Yefang Jiang

Water Extraction Policy for PEI. Department of Environment, Labour & Justice

Irrigation on PEI: The On Farm Perspective. Innovative Farms Group

What Supplemental Irrigation can do for the PEI Potato Industry. Cavendish Farms and the PEI Potato Board

Why Fish Need Water – Cool, Clean, Abundant Water. Daryl Guignion

Understanding the Potential Impacts of Water Abstractions on Stream Ecosystems of PEI. Allen Curry and Wendy Monk

Letter to the Minister of Environment from the Watershed Alliance, December 2013

November 23rd 2012, Forests, Fish & Wildlife held a workshop consisting of presentations about the many ways in which they wish to collaborate further with watershed groups. Here are some of the presentations:

Biodiversity Program

Education Programs

Other presentations

The Autumn 2010 Watershed Conference in Emerald

Guest Presentation by Todd Dupuis, Executive Director, Regional Programs Atlantic Salmon Federation, in 2010

March 11, 2011 Alliance presentation to the PEI Liberal Caucus

Occupational Health and Safety Training for Watershed Workers

Invasive Pest Update, February 2014, PEI Forest Fish & Wildlife

Native Pest Update, February 2014, PEI Forest Fish & Wildlife

Contributed by our members

Watershed Voices in Prince Edward Island: Hearing from Watershed Groups, Darren Bardati, PhD, January 2011 (1.5MB)

Sea Lettuce

2011 Sea Lettuce Harvest Pilot – Project Plan

2011 Sea Lettuce Harvest Pilot Project – Final Report:

and Appendix:

PEI Watershed Strategy

The Alliance is working with The Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry in a cooperative effort to develop a Provincial Watershed Strategy. A draft document has been developed and we have reviewed feedback from the watershed groups. The Department is presenting the draft document to other provincial government departments and is soliciting their input. Here is the original draft: Draft PEI Watershed Strategy: Vision, Goals, and Strategies (Nov 16, 2010).

Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) on PEI

The PEI Watershed Alliance has serious concerns about this issue and is calling for a moratorium.

2010 Letter to Minister Brown regarding provincial approval for exploratory work for natural gas on PEI (hydrofracturing).

2013 Letter to Minister Sherry supporting the Standing Committee recommendation for a moratorium on fracking

The Minister’s response to our 2013 letter supporting the recommendation for a moratorium

Don’t Frack PEI – formed in 2013 to educate the public about the dangers of fracking

Oil and Gas development in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

The PEI Watershed Alliance believes that this is a real threat to our watersheds, we have written to the Prime Minister, and we have been featured in a front page news story:

Letter to Prime Minister Harper concerning oil and gas development in the Gulf.
Here is the PMO’s reply, and a reply from Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources

Petition to the PEI Legislature (the PEIWA board fully endorses this petition)

Auditor General’s Report on the Offshore Petroleum Boards (which identifies many deficiencies in their processes)

Island groups react to report on offshore drilling preparedness – a front page story in the Journal-Pioneer Feb 7th 2013

Just say NO to oil/gas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence – an opinion piece by the PEIWA

Changes to the Fisheries Act

The PEIWA sent a letter to the Federal Minister expressing our concerns about the possible removal of habitat protection from the Fisheries Act. Click here to read the letter.

Here is the response from the minister, which is the same letter that was received by other groups making similar expressions of concern.

Solving the Fish Kill problem

Read a commentary from the PEIWA regarding the problem of fish kills on PEI.

Shawn Hill, our past Executive Director, was a member of the Action Committee to examine measures for fish-kill prevention. Their report can be read here: www.gov.pe.ca/photos/original/elj_suslndmngt.pdf

Shawn was interviewed by CBC Radio about the July 2013 fish kills, You can hear the interview here. Angela, our Chairperson, then wrote an opinion piece for the Guardian.

The Provincial Government has a page with information on historical and recent fish kills: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/communities-land-and-environment/fish-kill-information-and-statistics

Other Correspondence

Here are some other letters that the PEIWA has sent:

2012 Letter to the Premier regarding watershed funding

2012 Letter concerning Land Use Policy

2013 Letter to Minister Sherry regarding watershed funding

2013 Letter to USFDA regarding GM Salmon

2015 Submission to the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Atlantic Salmon

General Meeting Reports

April 2015, April 2014April 2013April 2012May 2011, January 2010, April 2010, November 2010

Meeting Agendas

27th August 2013

15th Jan 2014

7th April 2014

AGM, 12th April 2014

27th May 2014

AGM, 11th April 2015

External Links

PEI Government – Birds of PEI

PEI Government – telephone directory

Atlantic Farm Focus – web news

Island Nature Trust

Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee (ACZISC) 

Save Our Seas and Shores Coalition – PEI Chapter

Don’t Frack PEI – the anti-fracking coalition of PEI