January 12th, 2018 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

January 12th, 2018

10:00am – 12:00 pm

Conference Call



In attendance: Derek Ellis, Mike Durant, Jim Jenkins, Angela Douglas, Jason Campbell, Fred Cheverie, Kelley, Dale Cameron

  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes from Nov. 23rd Meeting
  • 7a – strip it out
  • Mike will respond to Daphne – spelling correction
  • Comments – how and where to post minutes
  • Jim – make a note in policy it’s okay to accept minutes in the conference call
  • Action item – mark Arsenault not followed up yet, info on protected lands
  • Jim moves the minutes to be accepted, Kelley seconded
  1. Financial Review

Derek – $10,000 from province has been deposited – balance of 65,990 right now. Some cheques need to go out ~2000.  Based on the account balance we can pay the groups for the WMF shortfall of $21,000

Motion – Hilary moves to process the shortfall cheques to watershed groups, seconded by Jim, all in favour.  Motion carried

  1. CRF program coordinator hire – Angela Douglas introduced as the CRF Project Coordinator.

Contribution Agreement being finalized, Terry reformatting the document to send it out to Ottawa, usually takes 7-8 weeks to turn around for final approval of the CA, then the money can start to flow!

Board needs to determine what formal deliverables we want from the project coordinator, need to prepare Memorandum of understanding (MOU) that confirms how governance of the project will work.

General discussion on project tracking and reporting: Board requested bi-weekly updates from the program Coordinator and regular updates at the monthly meetings.  Expecting that DFO will want formal Quarterly reports. All formal reports are to be approved by the board in advance of issuance to DFO


Mike – A request was received from one of the CRF sub-project groups to  provide advance of $5000 for payroll before CRF formal approval. Board is in agreement in principal to fund this and will handle future request on a case by case basis as Cash flow allows.  Motion put forward dale to provide some funding cashflow and the board is in the agreement to the amount of 5000 to the watershed group for CRF, seconded by Kelley, all in favour, Motion carried


Program Coordinators Update:

Met with 5 groups to discuss their projects

Started a spreadsheet for potential training and equipment bank.  Bulk purchases of equipment for groups should also consider needs of the other watershed groups that are not formally part of the CRF project.


  1. Watershed Ecologist’s Update
    1. Watershed ecologist baby update
    • Mary – baby girl Evi Jane
    • Derek – baby Olin
    1. Tree sizes – which are better for groups?

Smaller 15’s, instead of 1 gallon pots are easier to haul them to remote areas, but do they survive as well as larger ones? Is this for all trees? or just certain trees / shrubs?  Nursery will need some lead up time if groups want smaller sizes. May require commitment from the groups (possible payment upfront.

Dale advocates 1 gallon pots due to better survival rate, Kelley – species selection is low after first order. Mike – can we provide a mechanisim to know what watershed groups need in a couple years so there is no shortage.  More discussion needed, need to discuss at next meeting, maybe get Mary from the Nursery to attend

ACTION – put this on the next agenda


    • Follow-up dialogue w/ Cavendish Farms – Board in favour of being  proactive and to communicate with them regularly about our concerns, for example, fields that have been ongoing problems relative to fish kills. Mike to follow up with John MacQuarrie


    1. WGIS update/discussion

There is a need for an update to the current layers, Andrew can do this for @ $500, Derek to confirm time frame with Mary Lynn, Fred moves to fund this update the GIS layers, Dale seconded, all in favour, motion carried.


Long term strategy is the the CRF project is creating a new interface / system for groups to store information and to share it with interested stakeholders.


    1. Julie Vasseur questions – Canadian Wildlife Service

Mike suggests a meeting with the alliance, next board meeting. Set up a sub-committee. Groups could answer a questionnaire  at AGM.

    1. World Water Day  – March 22, 2018 (Kelley)

Tri- committee – Cornwall, Stratford and Charlottetown

– nature for water is the theme.  If groups are doing something please let Kelly know. Suggestions – blue drinks from angela

    1. Website – 3 quotes for revamp the website

Skynet Media – 3500 include adding facebook, twitter feed, plus 300/yr for hosting it would include email

Virtual Creations – 1000 barebone format

Graft Com – 4500  , 250/yr to host,

Menatour – waiting for quote (Cavendish beach festival)

  1. Letters drafted and sent (Mike)

Land tax exemption on leases – Mike received a brief informal response from Minister of Transport stating that no exceptions are made.  Mike will follow up.

    1. Lack of Regulations regarding construction of Irrigation ponds – no response follow up with new minister received yet

Mike to email new CLE minister to offer to meet and have a conversation and to send Robert Mitchell a thank you, cc to premier

  1. Monitoring Collaborative Working Group
    1. Update (Hilary)
  • Hold another meeting in advance to discuss monitoring
    1. Alliance cost-sharing w/ groups for lab results
  1. Incoming correspondence
    1. Website invoice from Andrew Lush
    2. Anthony Robins – Online Posting Tool


Meeting adjourned 12 pm