February 7th, 2018 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

February 7th, 2018

2pm – 4pm

Hunter River Community Centre




In attendance: Derek Ellis, Mike Durant, Jim Jenkins, Angela Douglas, Jason Campbell, Jackie Bourgeois, Fred Cheverie, Kelley Farrar, Dale Cameron, Karen Rank

Regrets: Hilary Shea


  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes from Jan. 12th Meeting
  • Derek waiting for minutes from Hilary – carry review of the minutes to the next meeting
  1. Financial Review
  • Final (shortfall) WMF payments send out to all groups


  1. CRF Update (Angela)
    1. Conferences related to CRF Project

2 potential conferences identified one in Vancouver and another in Oakland California; both have some very valuable topics and speakers, Angela will provide an outline of the topics/workshops  and their relationship to the CRF project. Board approved Angela to travel to the Restore America’s Estuaries conference in Oakland (Feb 21-23) (moved by Karen and seconded by Jim, all in favour, motion carried)


Board also discussed the need to develop a process for approving training / travel for Watershed Alliance staff / board members in future.  This item will be put on the agenda for a future meeting (put on parking lot for now).


          1. Project Governance – Angela to draft a process for managing the project so that the board will be involved in any major expenditures or revisions to the deliverables; minor changes will be managed by the Project Coordinator.  Process will also address reporting requirements


    1. Training – several courses being pursued:
    • Chainsaw course (Spring)
    • Electrofishing (April)
    • CBWES wetland training (Late March)
    • Bob Newberry – stream restoration, fish passage, etc.


    1. Website updates – After discussion of all the quotes and review of sample websites, Skynet Media has been selected as the successful bidder to update the Alliance Website.
    2. Data Collection / Management – 2 quotes were received (Ezri and Tesera Systems) with respect to building a portal for all groups to collect/store/and track watershed data.  Total value of the contract is 30k. Group considered both options and selected Tesera due to the lower ongoing costs and ease of integrations. Kelly motioned that we initiate the contract with Tesera, seconded by Fred, all in favor, motion carried.


  1. Funding calls
    1. AEI (Atlantic Ecosystems Iniatives) call for proposals

Alliance may be in a good position to submit a proposal with several partners, Derek will put a call out to groups to see if there is interest in submitting a group proposal.  Max funding is 200k over 2 years.


    1. EcoAction, Habitat Stewardship

Not pursuing funding for these as individual watershed groups have the capacity to apply for and obtain funding directly (Alliance does not add any value in these projects due to the limited budget)


  1. Watershed Hub Committee
    1. Watershed Alliance has 3 spots on the committee, Karen, Jim and Jackie will represent the Alliance.  Main goal of the committee is to increase collaboration/communication between departments and watershed groups on the work each are doing
    2. Kate will be setting the date for the first meeting in the next week; possible topics for discussion include lack of regulations for construction of irrigation ponds, and tax exemptions for watershed groups leasing public lands)


  1. Hilary’s resignation from the WA Board due to personal reasons
    1. Secretary role – Kelley volunteered to replace Hilary until the Spring AGM
    2. Monitoring committee chair – Angela will be the interim Chair (boththese appointments moved by Jim, seconded by Fred, all in favor, motion carried.
    3. Mike will raise this immediate opening on the board with the Central Groups next week and ask that they come prepared to nominate a member to represent central until the AGM.


  1. Collaboration with Cavendish Farms
    • Mike meeting with John MacQuarrie next week to discuss items of mutual interest and possible collaboration.


  1. Ecologist Update
          1. Final (shortfall) WMF Payments sent to groups
          2. Integrated Conservation Approach (CWS) Follow-up
    • Derek had call with Karel from CWS, will send out summary document from integrated approach workshop (November) to groups
    1. Nature Tracker
    • Derek – Met with Johanna and Chris (Kensington North) to discuss how and where data will be stored (Hoping to store this data with new Tesera project)
    1. Estuary Watchers
    • Derek met with Cindy crane and UPEI wildlife conservation students to discuss estuary watch app
      • Students will use google docs setup for users to input data
      • Will be incorporated into the new Tesera project


Meeting adjourned at 4:01 PM