April 12, 2018 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting




Date:    April 12, 2018

Time:    4-6PM

Place:    Hunter River


Present:    Jim Jenkins, Jason Campbell, Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Mike Durant, Fred Chevarie, Josh Lindsey Derek Ellis, Kelley Farrar (minutes)


Regrets:    Jackie Bourgeois


Chair:    Mike Durant





Mike Durant called the meeting to order at 4:05pm.



A motion was made by Jim Jenkins and seconded by Karen Rank that the minutes from the March 15, 2018 meeting be approved with the following additions:

        1. Governance document (F) – this was not completed by Mike, but will be completed before next meeting
        2. HUB Committee – it was agreed that the initial point of contact is to be Derek Ellis/Mary Finch




The PEI Metro Credit Union also requires a co-signer for any possible line of credit; the group agrees this is not a feasible option at this time.

  1. Coastal Restoration Fund Requests

It was reported that checks were issued to both the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group and Hunter Clyde groups with regards to 2017-2018 Coastal Restoration Fund allocation.

  1. Coastal Restoration Fund

$330,000 was deposited into PEIWA’s account from the CRF, and after checks have been issued to the groups, $135,000 remains in the alliance’s account.


A motion was made by Fred Chevarie to approve the financial report, and seconded by Dale Cameron.




It was determined at the last meeting that Angela would not have to attend each PEIWA board meeting, as she reports to Derek.


  1. CRF update
  • Angela’s update will be attached to the email along with the minutes. However, progress is being made for upcoming CRF application/next round.
  • DFO field visit – all Coastal Restoration Fund staff will be on PEI for a general presentation on project. Kensington and Tracadie were the groups chosen for site visits. An official announcement will be made about the Coastal Restoration Fund, and it was agreed that all announcements will go through the PEIWA chair.
  • There was discussion about who could/should attend the presentation; it was suggested that groups who received funding through the PEIWA could attend. Mike would talk to Angela about this to get more details on presentation, as well as whether the sub-groups could attend.
  • The group will work on coordinating an official announcement on the coastal restoration fund and groups’ projects


  1. Project Manager’s Compensation
  • The original contract with Angela expired on March 31, and Angela proposed a change in hours along with pay rate; she has stated her work can be done in less hours, and proposed cutting her hours from 37.5 to 30 with a pay raise to $28/hr. The board unanimously agreed to keep her on as project manager, but agreed to keep her contract at 37.5hrs at $23/hr + HST if required
  • The group will look at increasing funding for project management through the next round of Coastal Restoration fund.
  • A discussion will be had with Angela on whether she will be charging HST (she will likely need to register)


A motion was put forth by Jim Jenkins to continue contract with Angela Douglas at current hours and rate of pay. This motion was seconded by Fred Cheverie.



  1. New CRF Deadline
  • It was suggested that a deadline be set by the PEIWA for groups to get their applications into the alliance for the next round of CRF
  • Angela will be approached to talk to Terry Melanson about initiating the next round


  1. TIE Collaboration
  • Shelley Cole-Arbing will be passing this file to someone else, as she will be temporarily moving to another position within the department. Derek will meet with the representatives of TIE to discuss how this will move forward.
  • TIE projects with the watershed groups will be on an in-kind basis
  • A short-list of major stream crossing projects across the island has been identified, and it is understood that watershed groups in those areas will be notified and met with


  1. HUB Committee


  1. Workshops with Gary Schneider
  • Watershed groups have access to general training courses
  • Derek will talk to Gary to explore the idea of having a 0.5-1 day session on plant identification, pruning, planting etc. It was suggested that 1 session be held in the east, and one in the west, both at different times to accommodate different start dates for summer students
  • This would be funded by the PEIWA


  1.   AGM (MIKE, DEREK)
  • The AGM will be held on May 12, and tentatively slated from 9am-2pm
  • The meeting will be held in Hunter River
  • Derek will also determine who is up for reelection
  • Derek and Mike will work on budget, and Mike will do up the chair’s report
  • An invite will be made to the Minister of Environment as well as Kate MacQuarrie
  • Potential speakers: ASCF, Todd Depuis, Angela Douglas on CRF, Shelley Cole-Arbing. Mike will book the speakers
  • Mike will send out the agenda for review and finalization by next week
  • The minutes from the last AGM will be sent out in order to give the groups time to review prior to the meeting




Environmental Advisory Committee


  • Trees will be available to landowners again, and a proposal to Richard Brown for watershed groups to get their trees for free again was suggested
  • There are issues with the availability of trees to watershed groups, and a brief discussion was had with regards to alternative options. Input from the groups may be sought later this year; this will be put on the agenda for a future meeting. Derek will also approach Mary Myers from J.F. Gaudet Nusery about this issue.


Funding for New Watershed Group (Belfast)

$32,000 has been earmarked for the new group in Belfast area; the group agreed this was appropriate.



No set date was determined at this time; however, the AGM will be held on May 12.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm.