Date:    May 12, 2018

Time:    9am-2pm

Place:    Hunter River Community Centre


Present:    Sarah Wheatley, Johanna Kelly, Jim Jenkins, Hilary Shea, Josh Lindsey, Chris Newell, Tracy Brown, Kelly Lockhart, Elton Ellis, Alycia Carr, Karen Rank, Danny Murphy, Jason Campbell, Dale Cameron, Scott Roloson, Connie Gaudet, Daryl Guignion, Kate MacQuarrie, The Honourable Richard Brown, Dan McAskill, Danielle Jordon, Andrew Lush, Doug Miller, Vernon Smitheran, Dale McIsaac, Hannah Nurnaghan, Colin Jeffrey, Emilie Morrell, Erin McCardle, Frances Braceland, Keila Miller, Fred Chevarie, Allyson Heustis, Jackie Bourgeois, Megan Harris, Jackie Waddell, Andrew Scott, Clarence Ryan, Mike Durant, Derek Ellis, Angela Douglas, Kelley Farrar (minutes)



  • Call to Order


Mike Durant called the meeting to order at 9:05am.



  • Greetings from the Honourable Richard Brown, Minister of Department of Communities, Land and Environment


  • There was mention of the HUB committee, release of Climate Change Action Plan, the availability of funds through the Climate Change Fund, and plans to have more buildings on PEI convert to biomass
  • There will be research on how to spend the increased monies through the Beverage Container Fund, and the need for increased reforestation efforts on the island
  • Minister Brown recognized the work watershed groups do, and the provincial government’s plan to increase the percentage of land owned by the public



  • Welcome/Summary of 2017 Activities from the Chairperson


  • Mike recognized the 2017-2018 PEIWA board of directors, and provided an overview of the activities and projects/programs accomplished by the WA. Some activities and initiatives included (but not limited to):
  1. Revamp of website
  2. Coastal Restoration Fund and hiring of Project Manager
  3. Sub-committees: water monitoring and Watershed Management Fund formula committees
  4. Spending of unallocated 2016-2017 funds for items that benefited all groups
  5. HUB committee



  • Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes


Minutes were previously sent to all groups for review. Comments from the minutes:

  • Include the meaning of all acronyms at the end of the minutes
  • Availability of minutes for all HUB committee meetings

Motion to accept 2017 AGM minutes: Karen Rank

Seconded by Fred Chevarie




  • 2017-2018 Financial Report


  • Jackie Bourgeois, treasurer, read financial report
  • It was noted that extra money was provided for multiple beach cleanups, as well as extra funds through the Watershed Management Fund
  • The balance at the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year was $328,501.42 (this included funds from the Coastal Restoration Fund)


Comments from the reading of the financial report:

  • Inquiries regarding extra WMF money and how it was allocated
  • Derek offered to email financial statement prior to AGM in the future


Motion to accept 2017 AGM financial statement: Jim Jenkins

Seconded by Jackie Bourgeois




  • Watershed Ecologists’ Report


Derek Ellis, who has taken Mary Finch’s role while she is on maternity leave, provided an overview of the ecologists’ activities throughout the last fiscal year.


  • Duties: Derek noted the changes in breakdown of duties (versus original allocation of time)
  • Derek actively participates in several committees, including HUB, Monitoring sub-committee, Wildlife Conservation Advisory Committee, NCC Watershed Stress Working Group, Fish Friends
  • Several meetings and workshops took place over the last fiscal year, including the water quality and quality workshops, CWS workshop, PEIWA fall meeting and Coastal Wetland Restoration workshop
  • Derek provides assistance to several groups with regards to funding applications (EcoAction, CRF, AEI, WMF and WCF)
  • There are upcoming training courses that will be sent out to all groups


  • CRF Overview
  • There are 8 groups involved in this project, with 2 categories (restoration of salt marshes (3 groups) and enhancing migratory corridors (5 groups))
  • Derek provided an overview of the components of the CRF budget as a whole



  • More information was requested on the NCC Watershed Stress committee – Mike – did we commit to share anything?
  • Question on when PEIWA database will be revealed (in fall)
  • Question on current information on culverts on PEI



  • PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund Update 2018 – Jackie Waddell


  • Overview of the WCF, along with any changes and updates that has taken place for 2018-2019
  • New website has been completed
  • Watershed groups may apply more than once during the spring and fall rounds with different projects
  • Comments made on advertising the successes of groups that actually might work to increase the number of conservation license plates, which would in turn increase the amount of money that is available through the WCF


  1.  ASCF: An 11th Year Update – Allyson Heustis
  • General summary of ASCF’s focus, background, support on PEI and the projects that are taking place
  • There were some comments and concerns pertaining to PEI’s funding amounts, as well as on lack of support for the restoration of salmon habitat in areas where there historically has been salmon
  • Jordan Condon of the Central Queen’s Wildlife Federation spoke about the PEI Atlantic Salmon Conservation Strategy, which will be updated this year under ASCF funding (28 rivers will be revisited and reassessed) and detailed assessment data and recommendations will be provided to impacted groups.  CQWF is interested to partner with local groups to coordinate efforts to complete assessments.


  1. Board Elections
  • West: Karen Rank was elected for another (2nd)term
  • Central: Josh Lindsey was elected to stay on for remainder of his first term (he came in in 2018 as an interim board member to replace Hillary Shea)
  • East: there are no nominations as no board members’ terms were up
  • A vote was held and all were in favour


  1. PEI Watershed Alliance Blanket Insurance Policy – Andrew Scott
  • Reviewed the Commercial General Liability policy (CGL)
  • Andrew discussed what was covered, who was covered, and what it entails for all groups
  • This does not cover directors/officers liability
  • Sub-groups of watershed groups are covered (e.g. sub-groups of Hillsborough Area Watershed Co-op)


  1. Closing Remarks/Adjournment

Mike Durant adjourned the annual meeting at 1:45pm.