August 14th, 2018 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 14th, 2018

1:00pm – 3:00 pm

Hunter River Community Hall




In attendance: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Dale Cameron, Jim Jenkins, Karen Rank, Emilie Morell, Jason Campbell, Derek Ellis, Angela Douglas, Josh Lindsay

Regrets: Jackie Bourgeois


  1. Call to order at 1:03PM
  2. Approval of minutes from June 27th board meeting (motion by Jim, seconded by Fred)
  3. Financial review – account balance is 223K, the majority of which is CRF $ to be spent by end of fiscal year
  4. Project coordinator update
    1. Angela gave a brief update on all 8 CRF projects, all are on track to meet year 2 milestones and deliverables
    2. Angela will work with Derek to organize salt marsh rehabilitation site visits (Kensington, Souris) and invite all groups to attend
    3. Angela gave update on which groups have submitted project ideas for round 2 of CRF. Still no update on when deadlines/guidelines will be announced for round 2
  5. Watershed Ecologist Update
    1. New Eastern board rep – Emilie Morell introduced to the board, representing Pisquid group (HAWC)
    2. New Stratford coordinator – Madeline Crowell hired at beginning of summer, has met with Derek and Angela regarding CRF and other ongoing projects
    3. Field visits – Derek has met with 20 of 24 groups this summer to discuss ongoing and future projects, provided summary of stressors on individual watersheds
    4. EcoAction delay – funding announcement delayed until early September, no date on AEI announcement (Derek)
    5. Website preview – Tim Brown is currently working on an interactive google-based map for users to search which watershed group covers their property, Fred suggested implementing a Sept. 30th deadline for completion of the site
  1. Correspondence
    1. UPEI Environmental Studies – Sustainability Fair – Drerek will follow up with Choyce Chappell from UPEI, will host a booth at the fair
    2. Woodchip fuel on PEI – Mike will respond to Andrew Lush’s e-mail regarding questions of sustainability of province’s planned increased use of biofuel (woodchips) as part of the climate change action plan
  2. Mary Myers (tree nursery) – will invite to next PEIWA board meeting this Fall
  3. Conservation license plates – Fred suggested conservation plates be mandatory on all new vehicles sold on PEI to increase funding toward the wildlife conservation fund
  4. Fall meeting date
    1. Set Oct. 20th as tentative date – Kate MacQuarrie has offered to present
    2. Derek will poll coordinators to determine time/venue for meeting
  5. Environmental Advisory Committee
    1. Dept of Agriculture putting regulations and guidelines together for watershed HUB committee to review
  6.  Meeting adjourned at 3:12 PM