December 12th, 2018 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

2:00pm – 4:00 pm

Hunter River Community Hall




In attendance: Mike Durant, Derek Ellis, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Jason Campbell, Fred Cheverie, John MacQuarrie, Mary Finch

Regrets: Jackie Bourgeois, Josh Lindsay, Emilie Morell


  1. Call to order 2:11 pm
  2. John Macquarrie (Cavendish Farms) – Holland College discussion
    1. John talked about the importance of island watershed groups
    2. CF developing a project to investigate PEIWA relationship w/ Holland College
    3. Should this be in the form of a workshop, or a discussion at PEIWA AGM?
    4. Suggested skills/expertise needed by graduates entering the watershed workforce: grant writing/funding, organizing formal meetings, budgeting
    5. Allowing watershed workers to attend courses/sections of courses
    6. Offering “modules” on drones, mapping, etc.
  1. Approval of minutes from Oct. 11th board meeting – the board gave feedback on items 6 and 7 from Oct. 11th board meeting, Derek will update minutes to include these edits. Motion to accept (Fred, seconded by Jim)
  2. Financial review – Derek will hire bookkeeper to get books up to date, expected by early January 2019
  3. Project coordinator update
    1. Angela is submitting a group proposal (late December) based on new guidelines for CRF round 2
    2. Angela will submit AEI group proposal in early January 2019. Feedback on draft proposal from Jaclyn Poole at Environment Canada was very positive
  1. Watershed ecologist update
    1. Mary will focus on federal funding application while Derek maintains regular day-to-day ecologist activities
    2. Canada Nature fund, AEI, EcoAction, HSP (Alliance not going after this round of HSP)
  1. Charitable Status/Fundraising discussion
    1. Grant advance tool would require charitable status
    2. Derek, Mary discussed obtaining charitable status with lawyer Richard Bridge
    3. Board discussed risks and benefits of charitable status
    4. Mary will put together some bullet points based on CRA rules and will have Richard go through PEIWA bilaws
    5. Board agrees to proceed (Mike)
  1. Board membership
    1. Josh Lindsay (central rep, Kensington North Watersheds Assoc.) taking a leave of absence from the group
    2. The board has appointed Johanna Kelley (also from Kensington North) to replace Josh until next AGM (Motion by Jim, seconded by Dale)
  1. Health/dental insurance for coordinators
    1. Angela sent out a poll to coordinators and will get a quote based on responses
  1. Agriculture meeting – Mike Durant, Barry Murray, David Mol, William Visser
    1. Discussed development of a fish kill prevention committee
    2. PEI soil and crop assoc.


Meeting adjourned @ 4:32PM