January 17, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

In attendance: Mike Durant, Derek Ellis, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Jason Campbell, Fred Cheverie, Mary Finch, Emilie Morell, Johanna Kelly

Regrets: Jackie Bourgeois


  1. Call to Order  12:59pm
  2. Motion to Approve Minutes from Meetings:  October 11th and Dec. 12th (Jim, Dale)
  3. Financial Review
    1. Non CRF funds roughly 48K (Summary by Mary, Angela, Derek)
    2. Kate MacQuarrie (FFW) able to pay back 12K owing from 2017 WMF holdback (Mike)
    3. Angela, Mary to fine-tune financial statements and revisit before next board meeting
  4. Project Coordinator Update (Angela)
    1. AEI and CRF (round 2) applications complete and submitted
    2. Update on potential conferences for her and/or Mary to attend as part of PEIWA’s CRF deliverable
    3. Working on a living shorelines workshop (Kevin Smith, Maryland department of Natural Resources)
    4. Discussed the possibility of covering PEIWA insurance through CRF for 2019-2020 year
  5. Watershed Ecologists’ Update
    1. Derek
      1. Derek will start a new job with Efficiency PEI in early February
      2. Beverage container discussion – fund was originally intended for “beneficial environmental projects — including pollution prevention and watershed protection”
        1. General feedback from groups is that we should make sure entire fund is going to watershed projects before lobbying government to increase the deposit
      3. License plate discussion – Derek to meet with director at Access PEI to discuss conservation plates marketing/signage, conservation plates for ATV’s/snowmobiles, plates on government fleet vehicles, and possibility of making conservation plates mandatory for all new vehicles
      4. TIE pilot project  update – of seven total proposals, three groups chosen for pilot project by TIE committee (Derek Ellis, Mary Finch, Greg Wilson, Kate MacQuarrie, Paul Strain: Cascumpec, Winter River, and Souris
    2. Mary
      1. Been getting re-aquainted with the groups while looking for Federal and Provincial funding opportunities
  6. Incoming correspondence and issues (Mike)
    1. New program development  and discussion
    2. Drafting a letter regarding Agricultural due diligence
      1. Mike – what constitutes due diligence when a farmer follows regulations and still has a fish kill?
      2. PEIWA can potentially help farmers understand provincial and federal regulations
      3. Fred – Stronger provincial regulations are needed
      4. Fred – need to collaborate with PEI Federation of Agriculture
    3. Next steps? Caucus presentation


Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm