February 21, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Johanna Kelly, Jason Campbell, Angela Douglas Banks, Mary Finch

Regrets:  Emilie Morrell, Jackie Bourgeois

  1. Call to Order
    • Meeting called to order by Mike Durant at 2:05
  1. Approval of Minutes from January 17th
  • Motion to approve the minutes moved by Jim Jenkins, seconded by Fred Cheverie
  • Agricultural program update:


  • Mike has continued discussion with Federation of Agriculture regarding their due diligence concerns, task force updates and potential program opportunities.  Reiteration that board members at table that they are not in favour of moratorium to fish kill fines
  • Awaiting decision from gov’t regarding new program funding
  • In addition to Ag program, would like to present to caucus on following items:
  • Where we came from, we are going
  • WMF needs more money
  • Other potential funding: carbon tax, infraction money etc


  1. Financial Review
  • Alliance’s balance is approximately $53 K
  • Alliance has spent $25K WMF allocation for this year (Mary presented a summary of finances for this year)
  • Need to discuss Alliance balance prior to AGM
    • Show groups that money is being used with their interests in mind
    • Discussion about nest egg amount and potential investment
    • Alliance needs some financial flexibility when undertaking federal funding programs (e.g., CRF)

ACTION:  Mike, Angela and Mary to review books and finalize Alliance/CRF portions

ACTION:  Discussion of money allocation at next meeting

  1. Project Coordinator Update


  • Angela provided an update on the CRF project.  All is good. Meeting with groups to do final reports/work
  • Working with Sarah Wheatley on fish passage projects
  • Meeting with Hilary with permit proposal for fishway
  • Lots of upcoming training opportunities offered with CRF funding
  • Angela just returned from Florida where she learnt about oyster reef installations
  • Terry is sufficiently happy with MCPEI relationship
  • Funds to be spent by March 31st
  • Equipment for pit tags is ordered
  • Building locker space
  • Everything is allocated in categories and should require changes from initial CA
  • Some training money potentially left to spend – Angela will reach out to groups



  1. Watershed Ecologists’ Update
    • Summary from Derek
  • Presented summary from Derek regarding license plate program.  
  • Need to move forward with promotion of license plate use

ACTION:  License plate sub-committee of Johanna, Dale, Angela and Mary created, Angela will set up a meeting to discuss

ACTION:  Mary to create a forward agenda to track action items

    • Caucus presentation
  • Addressed above
    • WMF summer students


  • Kate had suggested changing way students are allocated across the island (e.g, use Western group model across island). Decision to maintain status quo and foster relationships between groups to share students and resources


ACTION:  Mary to inform Kate of board’s desire to maintain status quo

    • Watershed Technical Manuals
  • Mary will buy 60 manuals and distribute to groups at AGM
    • AGM planning
  • Discussion regarding date, not Easter, not Trout Opening or Lobster Setting date

ACTION: Mary to set potential options to board


  1. Incoming correspondence and issues
      1. WCF reports  – postponed discussion to next meeting
      2. BRACE program
  • Information on this program was circulated to board members in advance of meeting.  Board agreed to accept Minister Brown’s invitation for representative to join steering committee

ACTION:  Mike will respond to Minister that Mary Finch to represent board on this committee

  • Discussion about program and opportunities for interns working with watershed groups.  Would entertain the possibility of Mary acting as a government host of intern.
      1. Aquaculture Alliance conference – March 27, 28
  • Board agreed to subsidize 1 early bird participant fee per watershed group for this event

ACTION:  Mary will let groups know of subsidization and handle fee reimbursements/registrations

      1. Sustainable Water Committee


  • Fred was approached to participate in this committee by Cavendish Farms
  • Johanna through KNWA is a member of this committee as are 2 other watershed groups (BBEMA, West Point)
  • Board members expressed concern about the intent about this committee and research (Mike van den Heuvel, UPEI is leading)
  • Disappointment that the Alliance has not been formally asked to participate in this committee
  • Need to be kept in the loop of this committee and its findings


ACTION:  Mary will forward information to board on Soil and Crop meeting where Mike van den Heuvel is presenting next week

ACTION: Johanna to forward information where appropriate

      1. Request for Atlantic Salmon Federation dinner support
  • Board agreed to provide $100 donation and set up a display booth

ACTION: Mary to mail cheque to ASF

      1. Canada Nature Fund Aquatic Species at Risk Program


  • Board is interested in this program and advised Mary to take the next steps in setting up meetings with stakeholders/partners.  Keen to see maximum funding brought to island and groups through this program.



Meeting adjourned by Dale Cameron, seconded by Johanna Kelly at 4: 20 pm.

Minutes prepared by M. Finch


Forward Agenda

Item Action Deadline to resolve
Health Benefits for watershed workers Mary to follow up with Angela and get pricing quote By AGM
WCF reporting issues Discussion regarding requirements of WCF reports Prior to WCF spring final reports
Sustainable Water Committee Johanna / Mary to forward