March 12, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

March 12th, 2019

3:30 – 5:30 pm

Hunter River Community Centre


Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Johanna Kelly, Jason Campbell, Angela Douglas Banks, Mary Finch

Regrets:  Emilie Morrell, Jackie Bourgeois

  1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mike Durant at 3:33 pm

  1. Approval of Minutes from  February 21th

Motion to approve the minutes moved by Fred Cheverie, seconded by Dale Cameron


  • Forward Agenda – explanation of this document, a place to track meeting Action items ensuring that they get dealt with at appropriate times.
  • Hub Irrigation sub-committee is being set up by Kate (Jim)
  • Insurance for personal vehicles and watershed work: cost/option to add personal vehicle insurance onto Cooke liability policy?


ACTION: Mary to email Cooke about options


  • Allocation of Can Monies
  • Discussion regarding explanation of monies received from DM


(amount of money in fund has increased in recent years so have expenses…)

ACTION: Mary to forward document from DM to board for further examination, distribution to their groups and interested parties  


  • Conservation license plate sub-committee:


Sub-committee met, interest from ATV/Snowmobile community for conservation plates on these vehicles, investigation of conservation plate allocation to car dealerships, ACCESS centres etc.  

ACTION: Need to better understand how conservation plates are distributed and which departments/divisions/directors are involved. (Organization chart)

ACTION: Public outreach regarding the benefit of plates is important


    1. Mike’s Discussion with DM


  • Sustainable Water Committee
  • Board would like a meeting with the committee as advised by DM as board as questions about Alliance involvement and process of committee
  • Board stressed the importance of independent scientific support


ACTION: Mike will approach John MacQuarrie to get a meeting with all the committee partners

ACTION: Board to develop briefing notes in advance of meeting to ensure right questions are being asked and addressed

ACTION: Mary and Angela to identify potential external researchers to provide support for board.

ACTION: Mary to forward deepwater well information from Mike to board members

  1. Financial Review

Alliance has some carry over money for other years, should some of this money be invested?  Decision to table this discussion for next meeting.

  1. Project Manager Update


  • Angela distributed a summary of CRF activities. Discussion of on-going and upcoming training opportunities.  Spending and project deliverables are on track.
  • Angela spoke about  logistics of purchase of fish tagging equipment, need to pay in US funds and money needs to be received before product is shipped, money needs to be spent before year-end.
  • Karen moves that a cheque is written to Angela to pre-pay her visa for expected tagging costs .  Dale seconded this motion and all were in favour.


  1. Watershed Ecologists’ Update

Conversation deferred due to length of agenda

  1. Incoming correspondence and issues
    1. AGM planning
      • Decision to hold a weekday AGM in the evening at an location similar to Pourhouse
      • Tentative date of April 25th (Other option could include May 6 or 7th)
      • Potential speakers? Don Jardine Climate Lab?  David Phillips from ECCC?
  1. b)  Water Act Regulations

Conversation deferred to next meeting due to time constraints

  1. c)    New Agricultural Program


  • Mike was provided a draft statement of work from Kate regarding new agricultural program.  Copies of this statement were circulated to board members present. Discussion about intent of the document including: what is expectation for proposed monies. e.g., money available for groups, staffing, time frame keeping in mind 3 year crop rotation, money for other partners and other government departments? Concern about level of partnership in document
  • Caution around language used and keeping in mind the relationship with agricultural community/watershed group ACTION:  Mike to touch base with Kate about booking a meeting regarding statement of work for new program.


Aim to have next meeting near April 11th

Meeting adjourned by Karen Rank, seconded by Dale Cameron at 6 pm.

Minutes prepared by M. Finch