April 4th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting Minutes

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

April 4th, 2019

2 – 4 pm

Hunter River Community Centre


Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Dale Cameron, Johanna Kelly, Jason Campbell, Emilie Morrell, Angela Banks, Mary Finch

Regrets:  Jackie Bourgeois, Jim Jenkins, Karen Rank


  1. Call to Order

Mike Durant called the meeting to order 2:06 pm 

  1. Approval of Minutes from March 12th

Motion to approve the minutes moved by Fred Cheverie, seconded by Dale Cameron 

      1. Review of Forward Agenda items:


  • ACTION: Mary to follow up with Mary Myers regarding watershed group tree allocation for 2019 
  •   BRACE program – Mary to attend her 1st meeting tomorrow
  • Health insurance quote received


ACTION: Mary to forward information to groups and ask insurance broker to attend AGM social component so that group specific questions can be answered 


  • Sustainable Water Committee:  Mike had discussion with John MacQuarrie, discussion will resume following election 


  1. b)              Agricultural Program Update


  • Discussion of draft Terms of Reference distributed to board in advance of the meeting.  Some clarity about committee structure and its role in program is needed however, expected this will be addressed in first meeting.  
  • Board was willing to support having two Watershed Alliance members sit on committee:  Fred Cheverie moves that Dale Cameron be one of the Watershed Alliance members on this committee due to his experience in similar agricultural committees.  Johanna Kelly moves that Mike Durant be the other Watershed Alliance member on this committee. Jason Campbell seconded these motions and all were in favour.


ACTION: Mike to inform Kate of board’s decision regarding committee members. 


  1. Financial Review


  • Mary discussed current financial situation, given the proximity to fiscal year-end, a detailed break-down of expenses is not available today.  
  • Alliance has approximately $56 K in non project specific funds
  • Discussion about need to keep buffer in account given the holdback from many federal funding programs
  • Notice to reader audit to be completed


ACTION: Angela to pull together names of potential accounting firms to complete this work and present at AGM for a vote by member groups


  • Discussion regarding signing authority and volume of cheques moving.  Jason Campbell moved that Watershed Ecologist Mary Finch can be a signatory on watershed alliance cheques.  This motion was seconded by Johanna Kelly and all were in favour. Reminder that policy dictates that signatories do not sign cheques made out in their name or represented group. 



  1. Project Manager Update

Angela provided a written update to the board regarding the year end reporting for the CRF project.  Angela plans to submit the year end documents within the next week. 

ACTION: Angela to forward Mike report and schedule 7 prior to submitting to DFO 


  1. Watershed Ecologists’ Update


  • Mary distributed information regarding some upcoming conferences she’d like to attend.  No issues so Mary will attend Canadian Maritime Ecological Connectivity Forum in Halifax as well as National Aquatic Habitat Conservation Partnership Meeting in Ottawa. 
  • Discussion regarding Canada Nature Fund Community Nominated Priority Places application, Mary and Angela to work together on this application in the next couple of weeks.


  1. AGM planning:


  • Information sheet regarding board member terms was circulated:  Terms up include: Dale Cameron (West) and Jackie Bourgeois (East), interim board members include: Johanna Kelly (central) and Emilie Morrell (East). All 4 positions need to be voted on at AGM.


ACTION: Inform watershed groups of positions up for elections prior to meeting 

  • Tentative agenda discussed, all okay with timing and speakers (Daryl Guignion and Erin Taylor to present)

ACTION:  Mary to finalize agenda and circulate

ACTION:  Mike to circulate to agricultural partners 

ACTION: Angela to confirm about whether venue has a microphone and make necessary arrangements

ACTION:  Mary to prepare financial statement on PEIWA WMF monies for AGM

ACTION: Angela to report on CRF funding and how this has helped watershed groups 

ACTION: Mike, Angela and Mary to prepare update slides for AGM  

  1. Incoming correspondence and issues
      1. Election


  • Discussion about information available to candidates on watershed groups and PEI Watershed Alliance. 


ACTION:  Draft a summary document on group activities and statistics.  Include information on % of provincial budget allocated to environment. Include watershed strategy.   

ACTION: Post on Alliance website and forward to 4 major parties and independents. forward to all groups and 4 major parties and independent.  

ACTION: Fred to gather statistic information on environment budget

ACTION:  Angela and Fred to draft question for Leader’s forum on environment issues taking place next week: How will your government increase environmental department budget?  

  1. b)         WCF correspondence


  • Wildlife Conservation Fund grant award letters received went out to groups, decided that no follow-up was needed by Alliance Board



Meeting adjourned by Mike at 4:11 pm

Next Meeting:  Annual General Meeting, April 25th, 6-9 pm at Bar 1911 in Charlottetown.

Minutes prepared by M.Finch