May 8th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting Minutes

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

May 8th, 2019

2 – 4 pm

Hunter River Community Centre


Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Johanna Kelly, Scott Roloson, Emilie Morrell, Angela Douglas Banks, Mary Finch

Calling in:  Karen Rank, Jackie Bourgeois

Regrets: Jason Campbell


  1. Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mike Durant at 2:04 pm

  1. Approval of Minutes from  April 4th

Motion to approve the minutes moved by Dale Cameron, seconded by Jim Jenkins 


  • Forward Agenda Items discussed 
  • Include notice to reader on this agenda. Target to have completed by Fall meeting
  • Invite Mary Myers to discuss trees with the board
  • Group benefits – enough people have expressed interest to make this feasible


ACTION: Mary to send out email to groups confirming interest 


  • License plate sub-committee, discussion regarding drafting a letter for businesses about merits of conservation plates 


    • Agricultural Program Update


  • Mike reviewed the latest steering meeting minutes.  
  • Mike discussed the technical working group and its role including the identification of BMPs, identification of assessment criteria (both fish kill and assessment of program), ground truth and identification of high priority areas.  First meeting of this group is immediately following board meeting


Board would like Scott Roloson included in this group, Mike will take request to steering committee. In meantime, Scott will participate in group.  

    • AGM Debrief


  • All in agreement that the change to timing and location of event was successful as there was a wide attendance which included many directors from groups and community stakeholders in addition to the usual coordinator attendees.  Would like to encourage increased director and volunteer attendance at future meetings. Enjoyed the presenters as well as the social component. The board would like to thank Frances Braceland who took the minutes for the meeting. 
  • Dale moved that we put the draft AGM minutes on the website, this was seconded by Jim and all were in favour.


      • Discussion regarding posting of draft agendas for regular board meeting.


  • Mary to include notice of board meetings in Ecologist update emails and remind groups that these meetings are open to the membership.  
  • Discussion that directors represent districts and importance of having regional meetings to discuss issues and concerns


ACTION: Mary to email groups letting them know of the newly elected board and reminding them that they can contact board members with issues and concerns to be discussed at Alliance level. 

  1. Financial Review



  • Mary presented on the financial transactions since the AGM – the Agricultural program money has been deposited.  Question about whether the Alliance can use some of this money for administrative support, Mike confirmed that the steering committee has agreed to allow some staff support for the Alliance to handle administration.  
  • Alliance will move forward with notice to reader process, Angela and Mary to pick firm based on quotes received.
  • Discussion about whether accounting software is needed for the Alliance – will revisit this question following notice to reader process.



  1. Project Manager Update



  • Angela circulated a document outlining recent CRF activities: she presented at the recent Climate Resilient Coastal Infrastructure workshop and ACCESS conference in Halifax where she made lots of good connections. 
  • Discussion regarding summer student funding for PEI student through Atlantic Water Network(St Marys University).  Alliance will provide top up of wage and weeks so that student will cover some Alliance administrative duties.


ACTION:  Angela and Mary to get MOU to St. Mary’s regarding this position and to start looking for a candidate. 


  • Climate Action Fund application – funding application for raising awareness of climate change and build capacity to increase climate actions.  Board agreed that putting in an Alliance application was a good idea despite the short timeframe. Ideas for application included: development of school curriculum, education watershed groups,  etc.  



  1. Watershed Ecologists’ Update


  • Mary spoke about her recent trips to Halifax for Maritime Ecological Connectivity Forum and to Ottawa for National Aquatic Habitat Working Group.  Lots of connections made and the reminder that PEI 
  • Discussion about the Community Nominated Priority Places application and disappointment felt by some groups in what the final proposal ended up being.  Ultimately, it made sense for Island Nature Trust to be the lead on the proposal, however, the Alliance and groups would have liked increased communication and collaboration regarding the final proposal development.  Given the provincial government’s interest in having a project submitted, the board agreed that a letter should be drafted to Kate expressing the Alliance’s dissatisfaction 

ACTION: Mary to follow up with Kate expressing the Alliance’s dissatisfaction with the proposal development process.  


  1. Election of Officers


  • Secretary:  Emilie Morrell was nominated by Fred Cheverie to be the secretary for 2019– 2020.  Motion for Emilie Morrell to be secretary was seconded by Scott Roloson. All in favour. Motion carried.
  • Treasurer:  Fred Cheverie nominated Karen Rank to be Treasurer.  Motion for Karen Rank to be Treasurer was seconded by Scott Roloson.  All in favour. Motion carried.
  • Vice Chair and Chair:  Jim Jenkins nominated Fred Cheverie to continue as the Vice-Chair and Mike Durant to continue as Chair in 2019 – 2020.   Motion for Fred and Mike to continue in their roles was seconded by Karen Rank. All in favour and motion carried.
  • Mike thanked Jackie Bourgeois for her contributions to the board during her tenure and asked that she please keep in touch in the future.



  1. Review of Signing Authorities


  • Jim Jenkins made a motion that signing authority include Mary Finch (Watershed Ecologist) and the following Executive Members: 
  • Emilie Morrell – Secretary
  • Karen Rank – Treasurer
  • Fred Cheverie – Vice- Chair
  • Mike Durant – Chair


Any two signing authorities can be accepted on documents.  Motion seconded by Dale Cameron. All in favour and motion carried. 


  1. Incoming correspondence:
  • WGIS update
    • Discussion of quote from Andrew Lush to update WGIS with recent parcel layers. Province is able to provide these layers to groups without cost.  

ACTION:  Mary to investigate mechanism of providing these layers to groups and implementing them into current WGIS 

  • Request from Colin Jeffrey (TREC) re letter about late federal program announcements
    • Johanna brought forward a request from Colin for the Alliance to send a letter to federal funding agencies expressing concern and issues with federal funding delays.  All agreed that this is a good idea. 

ACTION: Mary to draft a letter on this subject, will circulate to board prior to sending. 


  • New provincial government and cabinet ministers 
  • Discussion about need to meet with new government caucus and all opposition parties ASAP (ideally within next 6 weeks to 2 months)
  • Need to make a presentation for these meetings
  • Creation of a new sub committee composed of Fred, Jim, Johanna and Scott.  Mary and Angela to assist.


ACTION:  This process to start ASAP. Mary to forward out existing documents for review by sub-committee 


Dale Cameron motioned to adjourn the meeting at 4:05 pm, seconded by Karen Rank and all in favour.  


Minutes prepared by M. Finch