PEI Watershed Alliance Minutes from 2018-2019 AGM




Date:    April 25th, 2019

Time:    6 – 9 pm

Place:    Bar  1911 Charlottetown


Present:    David Cody, Heather Harris, Hannah Murnaghan, Matt McIver, Karalee McAskill, Clare Martin, Maureen MacNeil, Trudy MacLeod, Alex Foy, Johanna Kelly, Sherry Pelkey, Dale Cameron, Jason Campbell, Kate MacQuarrie, Jean-Paul Arsenault, Lawrence Millar, David Condon, Dina Blot, Julianna Granzoti, Tracy Brown, Norman Dewar, Ian Dohoo, Emilie Moreell, Dan McAskill, John Andrew, Andy Henry, George Coade, Fred Cheverie, Keilia Miller, Sarah Wheatley, Clarence Ryan, Dale McIsaac, Denise Motard, Darren Creamer, Elton Ellis, Ruth Delong, Danny Murphy, Scott Roloson, Jim Jenkins, Mike Durant, Angela Banks, Mary Finch, Frances Braceland (Minutes)



  • Call to Order


Mike Durant called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.



  • Welcome/Summary of 2018 Activities from the Chairperson


  • Mike recognized the 2018-2019 PEIWA board of directors, staff (Angela Banks, Derek Ellis and Mary Finch) and provided an overview of the activities and projects/programs accomplished by the WA. Some activities and initiatives included (but not limited to):
    • WMF and extension of the red circling for this final year , short fall covered last year by PEIWA and returned by province
    • Bottle deposits money, a previous proposal by Friends of Covehead and Brackley Bays to ensure that all monies are being distributed to watershed groups.  Confirmed that full amount is allocated to groups and topped up by Province for WMF.
    • Conservation license plates – Alliance is seeking ways to increase uptake of these plates
    • Collaboration with Agricultural Community
      • Sustainable Water Committee, looking at high capacity wells and experimental use, Alliance has been asked to participate in this committee looking at the environmental impacts
      • Moratorium is still in place for deep water wells
      • New PEIWA/Federation of Agriculture Program
        • Established for 2019/2020
        • Caucus has given $300K to develop program to mitigate risk of fish kills
        • Steering committee is made up of the following representation:  2 PEIWA, 2 Federation of Agriculture, 2 from Department of Communities, Land, Environment and 2 for Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
        • Aim is to develop BMPs for agricultural management, develop criteria for high risk management practices, etc.
        • Provide technical and financial assistance for groups to work with Agricultural community
  • Coastal Restoration Fund Second Round – a proposal was submitted however it was not approved due to program being oversubscribed
  • Support for groups this year included: training, equipment bank, online database, culvert assessment training and phone app, website redesign, looking into offering health benefits for groups
  • Representation on the following committees:
  • Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
  • Wildlife Conservation Fund
  • PEI Environmental Advisory Committee


  • Alliance sub-committees include:
  • Monitoring committee
  • WMF
  • License Plates
  • Hub- Committee
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy (TIE) pilot project.  A test project from Hub-Committee to trial secondary road management practices.  1 group per county has been selected to participate



  • Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes


Minutes were previously sent to all groups for review.

Motion to accept 2018 AGM minutes: Fred Cheverie

Seconded by Jim Jenkins




  • 2018-2019 Financial Report


  • Mike Durant read the financial report in lieu of Jackie Bourgeois, treasurer
  • A notice to reader process will be undertaken and those documents will be available within the next 4-5 months
  • The balance at the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year was $122,373.51 (this included funds from the Coastal Restoration Fund)


  • Comments from the reading of the financial report:
    • Angela mentioned that there is a hold back from CRF which means it is necessary to keep cash in account for cash flow

Motion to accept 2018 AGM financial statement: Fred Cheverie

Seconded by Lawrence Millar


  • Discussion regarding notice to reader and whether it was necessary to vote on accounting firm to complete work.
  • Decided by consensus to go with lowest quote from those firms suggested:  Mella Shea, Bradley Handrahan and Grant Thornton



  • Watershed Ecologists’ Report
  • Mary Finch provided an update on the Watershed Ecologist activities this past year (Mary returned to her position following maternity leave.  Derek Ellis covered her position from April 2018 through December 2018)
  • Activities of the ecologist this year included:
  • Committee involvement:  HUB, monitoring committee, Holland College Wildlife Conservation Committee, NCC Watershed Stress Working group, Salmon are our Friends, BRACE (climate change) committee, Atlantic Water Network Advisory Committee
  • Attended conferences and workshops (e.g., Estuarine Environmental Health and Shellfish aquaculture conference,  New Brunswick Watershed Caucus, Maritime Connectivity Forum)
  • Contributed and involved Alliance in numerous proposals including: Coastal Restoration Fund, Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives and partnered with Habitat Stewardship Program (with Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative),  Living Labs (with East Prince Agri-Environmentalist) , Atlantic Ecosystems Initiative (with Abegweit Conservation Socity), Canada Nature Fund (CNF) Aquatic Species (with ACS), CNF North American Waterfowl Management (with Nature Conservancy Canada), CNF Community Nominated Priority Place (with Island Nature Trust) and CNF Forested Landscape (with Forests, Fish and Wildlife)
  • Upcoming conference participation:
  • National Aquatic Habitat Conservation Partnership workshop in Ottawa
  • Offered numerous training courses including first aid, macphail woods ecological forestry, instream training and chainsaw
  • Discussion of potential benefit package with Manulife
  • Project Manager’s Update
  • Coastal Restoration Fund includes 8 sub projects however,  workshops and training are also funded through it:
  • Objectives include improving habitat in estuaries and improve passage for diadromous fish, salt marsh restoration, natural fish ways, holding pools, culvert issues and installation of aluminum fish ladders
  • Upcoming work includes the installation of oyster reefs  with MCPEI at Lennox Island and working with St. Mary’s University to reduce shore velocity
  • Training provided to all groups included:  backpack electrofishing training, data management, Mi’kmaq cultural training, Culvert assessment, Living Shorelines)
  • Developing a database and mobile apps
  • Insurance was covered through CRF as well as website costs, meeting expenses, equipment bank (survey equipment, PIT tag equipment, e-fishing equipment, YSI probes, first aid kits, etc)
  • Will have a student through St. Mary’s to assist with equipment bank
  • Board Elections


  • West: Dale Cameron was nominated
  • Central: Johanna Kelly was nominated
  • East: Emillie Morrell and Scott Roloson were nominated
  • A vote was held and all were in favour of these board appointments



  •  Climate Change Action Plan – Erin Taylor from Climate Change Secretariat, Department of Communities, Land and Environment 


  • Erin spoke about PEI’s Climate Change Action Plan and about work being completed
  • Spoke about watershed group and PEI Watershed Alliance involvement including:
    • Working with groups such as Souris on intertidal reefs to protect vulnerable infrastructure
    • Alliance Involvement with BRACE (Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise)
  • Erin’s presentation will be available on the PEI Watershed Alliance’s website


  •  A renewed Conservation Strategy for Altantic Salmon in PEI by Daryl Guignion 
  • Daryl spoke about the new Atlantic Salmon Strategy that he and others completed this past year
  • Daryl’s presentation will be available on the PEI Watershed Alliance’s website
  • Closing Remarks/Adjournment
  • Mike Durant called for meeting adjournment at 8:25 pm.  Participants were invited to stay 9 for a social. This motion was brought forward by Lawrence Millar and seconded by Colin Jeffrey.