June 12th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting 

June 12, 2019


Hunter River Community Center

Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Scott Roloson, Karen Rank, Emilie Morrell, Jason Campbell, Angela Banks, Mary Finch Regrets: Johanna Kelly

1) Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 2:10pm by Mike Durant 2) Approval of Minutes from May 9th

Fred moved that minutes be accepted as present, Dale seconded the motion and 

all were in agreement. – Forward Agenda – No updates presented on forward agenda items – Agricultural Program Update – Mary: technical group meet, working on making up the BMP list, Meeting next week with Steering Committee to further discuss program and committee roles. Fred mentioned about opportunity to present and reach farmers through pesticide course. 3) Financial Review

Mary provided an update on finances, 2019 WMF allotment has been received. 

Discussion of current expenses, travel expenses put through Alliance by Mary will be reimbursed by CWF. Discussion regarding WGIS and that Andrew Lush was contracted to provide 

property layer updates for this year. Alliance is working towards updating GIS/ online database capabilities however this work is still in progress and not available for this season. For the time being, we will keep with status quo. ACTION: Mary and Angela to meet with Teresa, Andrew Ing (Provincial GIS) to discuss database and GIS. Angela asked that CRF groups are reimbursed the final 10% hold-backs from 

the 2018-2019 project funding. Still awaiting final allotment from DFO, however, would like to get this off our books and there is sufficient funds to cover this bank account. Fred moved that Alliance issue cheques to CRF groups for their 10% holdback for 2018, motion seconded by Jim. 4) Project Manager Update

– Summer Student Position – Angela asked about whether Alliance was interested in applying for Green job 

intern funding for Alliance summer student position to extend contract into fall. All were in agreement so Angela will submit a funding proposal. 

Angela circulated a summary of her work activities which included the following 


o Review of Engagement to be completed by Bradley and Handrahan. Goal 

to have this completed by fall meeting. o Discussion of Alaska fishway installations, TIE has already installed some 

fishways at culverts, with more planned, some modifications will be necessary o St. Mary’s staff came over to discuss oyster reef construction at Lennox 

Island o Equipment bank: new loggers have been ordered for groups o Discussion about equipment bank job position- Mary and Angela 

conducted interviews today and discussed potential candidates with board. Board was in agreement that Angela and Mary to make the decision on candidate, goal to make decision by tomorrow. 5) Watershed Ecologists’ Update

o Mary gave verbal update on her recent activities: 

o Currently conducting WMF field assessments for 2018 season o Spending considerable time in the field providing technical advice to groups on projects including stipulations outlined in blanket permits (deflectors, rock weirs, etc). o Recent meetings that Mary attended include: advisory committees for Holland College programs: Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Applied Science Technology, Government coastal mapping, Aquaculture Act Consultation o ACTION: Mary to reach out to Shaun MacDougall regarding HC 

partnership o Continued work with Climate Sense committee (Brace Climate 

Change program) – program to be formally announced soon o Mary is interested in attending Canadian Rivers Institute River 

Management training (taught by Bill Annable) in Truro in July. (Costs covered by government). Mary to attend and see about feasibility of hosting this training course to PEI watershed groups in the future. When Mary is in NS, she will meet with Adopt a Stream staff members to view NS rivers and rehabilitation projects. Board members agreed that this sounds like a worthwhile trip. 6) Incoming Correspondence:

– Mike’s meeting with Minister Trivers: June 28th

o Mike to have an initial short meeting with the Minister to chat broadly 

about Alliance including increased WMF funding and agriculture program o Discussion about a presentation for all caucuses – subcommittee to create 

a presentation. (Angela can help with Green party connections, Dale can reach out to Liberals). 

o ACTION: Schedule a meeting with Subcommittee (Johanna, Fred, Jim, 

Angela and Mary) to make presentation. o ACTION: Mike and Mary to go over 1 page watershed info sheet and 

revise with 2018 WMF numbers for Mike to present at meeting with Minister – Lobbyist Registry – Kate brought this forward to Mary about whether the Alliance should register for this new registry. Questions from the board about if this would impact groups with charitable status, questions about necessity as much is done by volunteers. ACTION: Mary to investigate further and potentially set up a meeting with 

registry staff to discuss, Jim is willing to attend this meeting. 

Dale Cameron motioned to adjourn the meeting at 3:32 pm, seconded by Karen Rank and all in favour. 

Minutes prepared by E. Morrell