July 25th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting 

July 25, 2019

Hunter River Community Center

Present: Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Jim Jenkins, Dale Cameron, Scott Roloson, Karen Rank (via conference all), Emilie Morrell, Jason Campbell, Angela Banks, Mary Finch, Johanna Kelly, Rebecca Ramos

1) Call to order

Meeting called to order by Fred Cheverie 3:04pm 2) Approval of Minutes from June 12th

o Dale Cameron moved that minutes be accepted as presented, Seconded by Jim 

Jenkins, and all were in agreement. o Forward Agenda o Mary provided an update on BRACE – changed names to ClimateSense when 

program was officially launched earlier this month o Agricultural Program Update o Mike: the committee has recently met which included a joint meeting with the 

technical working group. o Technical working group has come up with some Best Management Practice list o Next focus area will be how to select the high risk sites 

o Assessments need to be done o Land owners need to be contacted to move forward with assessments o Communication about this program is another area of focus for the committee 3) Financial Review

o Mary provided a summary on Alliance finances: Income includes: WMF allotment, 

reimbursement cheque from CWF for workshop that Mary attended. o Total yearly expenses ($14K) include: Insurance payments (Liability and D&O) were 

paid this month, some training was paid with more invoices expected, website costs) 4) Project Manager Update o Angela: see attached 5) Watershed Ecologists’

o Mary provided an update on her recent activities which include organizing yearly watershed worker training, completing WMF assessments, visiting and providing technical advice to groups (high demand this time of year), assisting with watershed group permitting through blanket permit stipulations. Two weeks ago, Mary completed Canadian Rivers Institute Training in River Management in Addressing Long-term Maintenance Challenges in Nova Scotia – a good course that could be of benefit for island watershed groups. Mary will investigate options of future PEI course offering. Mary also toured some NS rivers with ASF’s Kris Hunter and Adopt-a Stream’s Nick McInnis when in NS for the course. 6) Incoming correspondence:

o Summary of Mike’s meeting with the Minister o It was a short meeting with the goal of introducing the new Minister to the work of 

the PEI Watershed Alliance. Some things discussed included: 

o Increased support for watershed groups through WMF and perhaps more 

government staff to help with doing ecologist work o Upcoming presentation to all caucuses on the work of watershed groups and 

Alliance o Mike will follow up this discussion with a meeting with Kate to go over trying to get 

more government staff/funding opportunities o EDA/JFY discussion – deferred until next meeting o Upcoming Caucus presentation preparation o Angela and Mary met to discuss this presentation, unfortunately other members of the sub-committee were unable to attend. Goal to have this presentation ready in 2 weeks o ACTION: Mary and Angela to provide presentation google drive link to sub- 

committee and Mike for review o Request from John Lane o John Lane has asked the Alliance to financially help with the purchase of a new type 

of coffer dam. Company representative is visiting PEI next month to showcase this equipment. Decision on this request to be deferred until trial session. o ACTION: Angela and Dale to attend trial session of coffer dam and report findings to 

board o ACTION: Mike to communicate with John that board is interested in finding more information about coffer dam at trial session before funding decision is made. 

7) 4 pm: Cavendish Farms Research discussion with John MacQuarrie (Director,

Environmental Sustainability, Cavendish Farms), Jubs Bristow (Vice-President Agricultural, Cavendish Farms), Dr. Mike van den Heuvel (Director, Canadian Rivers Institute and UPEI). John, Jubs, and Mike discussed the rationale for increased research into high capacity wells and crop irrigation on PEI. Decision on Alliance involvement in this project deferred until further Alliance board discussion. 

Minutes Prepared By: E. Morrell