August 28th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 4 -6 pm Hunter River Community Centre

Present: Dale Cameron, Jason Campbell, Johanna Kelly, Karen Rank, Jim Jenkins, Mike Durant, Angela Banks, Mary Finch Regrets: Scott Roloson, Fred Cheverie, Emilie Morrell 

1) Call to Order Mike call the meeting to order at 4:03 pm. 2) Approval of Minutes from July 25th Jim Jenkins moved that minutes be accepted as presented, Seconded by Dale Cameron, and all were in agreement. 

  • Forward Agenda 

o Health Benefits: Mary received a quote from another broker. It appears 

that the provider (Manulife) is the same however, this quote was for an association plan which offers more options. Agreed that Mary will approach Tim Gairns, who provided the original quote to ask for clarification regarding the original quote and to see if association plan is an option. o Climatesense Program: Mary provided an update on interns – internal 

to gov’t interns will be starting soon. External interns will not be available until winter/spring. Training courses have been trialed in July, some watershed folk attended, 2nd course will be trialed in the next month. 

  • Agricultural Program Update – discussed later in meeting 3) Financial Review Mary provided a summary of the accounts, there has been minimal Alliance money received or spent in the past month, however there has been significant activity in the account as CRF payments have been received and then distributed to groups. 4) Project Manager Update – Angela provided a document summarizing her activities: AEI is moving forward, DFO /CRF site visits and that Green Jobs application was successful (hoping to extend Rebecca’s position). 5) Watershed Ecologists’ UpdateMary provided an update on her activities: she has spent much time lately with groups which has included discussions regarding projects and permits. 
  • Mary asked about Alliance hosting an Environmental Studies Intern through UPEI (Carolyn Peach Brown) – board was in agreement that Mary could make decision about whether this was benefical for groups and if adequate time/resources for an intern. 

o ACTION: Mary to discuss further with Carolyn Peach Brown 

  • Mary spoke about the Canadian Rivers Institute Course that she took in July and about the costs ($5000 for 25 participatns) and benefits of hosting this course on PEI this fall (Oct/November) Questions asked about hosting course later in the fall? Course is similar 

to TUC’s Form to Function course offered 4 years ago but shorter in duration, it would be a refresher. 

o ACTION: Mary to send more info on CRI course out to board and ask for more 

details about timing/and on island tours etc. 6) Incoming correspondence: 

  • WMF Shortfall: Debate on the potential recommendations offered by Kate to deal with shortfall. Any alternative suggestions? Everyone agreed that they appreciate the ability to comment and that the formula is valid. With Kate’s Option A and B – it’s a fair/ across the board decrease which means the same rule for all non red circled groups. 

o ACTION: Mary to provide information to board on the Alliance’s financial 

balance so board can decide if there is ability for Alliance to absorb some of the shortfall (Perhaps $5K or $10K, other?) o ACTION: Mary to confirm the 3 groups that would be most impacted by 

Option 3 (decrease of highest leverage bonus) o ACTION: Mike or other board member to discuss with Option 3 impacted 

groups before making a decision. o ACTION: Mary to ask Kate to re-calculate formula for the 3 options showing the impacts to groups if the Alliance was to absorb some of the shortfall. o All agreed the need to address this issue with the caucuses so this isn’t a 

continuing issue in future years. 

  • EDA/JFY Karen shared a situation and letter about her experiences this summer with EDA/JFY. Alliance to submit a letter outlining some our concern about transparency/ removing politics from process. Karen to continue with her submission. 

o Need more quality workers, training/money/ safe into employee retention. o Will address in caucus presentation? 

  • Caucus presentation decided to have a meeting within the next week to address this issue specifically. ACTION: Mike asked the board to review the presentation and to think of what the main asks should be of the caucuses ACTION: Mary to book a meeting for the board to specifically discuss caucus presentation (within next 2 weeks). ACTION: Mike to start reaching out to caucuses to book. 
  • Environmental Forum Sponsorship – Board was asked if they’d like to submit a question for a forum related to the federal election. 

o There is a wide mix of groups that are interested in the forum. o Members are Interested in supporting the idea of these forums and chance to 

contribute – can’t be responsible for all the questions/ only our own. Want additional input into what questions of ours will be asked. Suggestion about increased crowd control. Agreed that yes – will be listed, no for hosting a riding event, and yes to question. Want sustainable long-term funding program/project funding – potential question and ask about process. 

o ACTION: Jim to draft a question for the forum (funding perhaps around 

climate change) o ACTION: Mike to respond to Ann Wheatley that board is interested. Board to 

give $100 for event. All were in favour. 

  • Rebecca’s position Alliance was approved for Green Job funding to extend Rebecca’s position, however, matching funds need to be non federal. Requirement that student/applicant (Rebecca) needs to be returning to school. Jim mentioned that his group has funding and are having trouble filling so might be some partnership opportunities. Board was in agreement to extend Rebecca’s contract to December. 

o ACTION: Angela to look further into requirements and discuss with Rebecca 

  • Agriculture Program update: Mike provided a summary of the last steering committee meeting: discussion of the prioritization of locations and looking at the data available. We have a clear picture of what we want to do, know practices, good idea on how to assess high priority areas, will be in a position to access top 5 areas. Then will get into messaging and moving forward. Discussion about full-time coordinator, and next steps moving forward. 

o ACTION: Mary to book a meeting with Angela, Scott and Mike to discuss potential job duties of coordinator to ensure watershed perspective is maintained with the program 

  • Irrigation Proposal Some discussion from members regarding presentation at last meeting. Lots to consider: social, environmental, rural impacts. More thought and discussion is needed. 

o ACTION: Mike challenged the board to think about whether they are in favour 

of supporting this proposal. If in favour – what conditions/metrics need to be shown? What questions need to be answered? 

Conversation to be continued in next meeting. 

  • Fall Meeting preparation
  • Water Act regulation consultation

Adjourned 6:09 pm by Mike Durant.

Minutes prepared by M. Finch