Meeting Minutes From 2019 PEI Watershed Alliance AGM

PEI Watershed Alliance AGM

November 27, 2019

Bar 1911, Charlottetown

Call to order: Mike calling to order 6:07pm

Mike welcome and summary: working on a presentation to government one has been done two more are to follow; water act regulations input from the alliance and other groups; ECCC communication; WMF having a conversation about this with government want to see increase in the amount for watershed groups; on-going coastal restoration fund in year two of three; alliance applied to the WCF for the fall 2019; share information for benefits to watershed groups.

Dan- aquaculture, Mary will forward this out to groups.

Financial Review: (Mike) – Available on the watershed alliance website. 

Watershed ecologist report: (Mary Finch) – worked with groups in knowledge transfers between groups; forest landscape priority place coming in the next few months; presentation about the license plates to gain more money on for the WCF; going to take a course on open standards for the practice of conservation training (happing next week); training in first aid, instream work with central Queens, forest stewardship course with MacPhail Woods; river walk’s with some of the groups; climate change training through PEI, Data management workshop, information session incl. wildlife friendly habitat and invasive species, training with Gary Schneider at MacPhail woods in spring/summer 2020, geomorphology training in the spring of 2020. Can be found on the Website.

Project manager update: (Angela) – worked with several different groups on projects; can be found on the alliance page; training opportunities with CRF; equipment bank this year went very well thanks to Rebecca; monitoring and Data management to groups to keep numbers, pictures, and other data to be stored, an app was made does not need service to work, can upload data when in wifi, can conduct redd surveys on this and make note of where to place structures, everything is uploaded to a spread sheet; AEI project form ECCC on Improvement water quality in an agricultural landscape on PEI. Can be found on the Alliance website.

Monitoring initiatives (Matthew Ginn) – See Presentation on the Alliance Website.

Mary: get us looking at future projects and funding sources.

Any interest get in contact with them.


Dan McAskill: What kind of funding support is there for mileage, etc for people working with them? Talk with nature PEI. Work with Holland College Wildlife Conservation Class.


Agri Watershed Partnership: (Mike) – See presentation on the Alliance Website.

  • Questions: 
  • Dan McAskill: is there access to these documents? Looking at an environmental land clearing.
  • Jim: congratulations on watersheds and framers working together on these issues.
  • Mike: pilot group collaborating with these BMP’s. Setting up meetings with Watershed groups and other stake holders. Federal government also needs to be contacted about this. Starting with a catchment plan first. Separate from the other programs.
  • Carollie: NFU did anyone step up or was asked to be on this committee?
  • Collin: strip cropping is this being looked at as a BMP?
  • Gwen: not a lot of demand for new systems. Focusing on the catchments and depends on the size of the field.
  • This initiative will really help out with farmers and watershed groups.

Closing: 9:00 pm