November 18th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Monday November 18th, 2019

3:15 – 5pm

Hunter River Community Centre

Present: Mike Durant, Fred Cheverie, Johanna Kelly, Jason Campbell, Scott Roloson, Angela Banks, Mary Finch, Rebecca Ramos 

Teleconference: Dale Cameron, Karen Rank

Regrets: Jim Jenkins, Emilie Morell



  • Call to Order: Mike Durant meeting to order at 3:19pm.
  • Approval of minutes from August 28th: Fred moved that minutes be accepted as presented, seconded by Johanna, and all were in agreement.
  • Forward Agenda
  • Sustainable Water Committee: Mike suggests the board make a public statement. Angela suggests consulting Bruce Raymond, Prince Edward Island’s Manager of Water and Air Monitoring, whether it be necessary to create a public statement.


    • ClimateSense Program: Climate Change 101 & 102 being offered in December; Alliance board agrees to subsidize 10 spots at $25 for groups.
    • Alliance Fall Meeting: Schedule has no objections from group and meeting will be carried out on November 27th.
    • Caucus Presentation: Liberals have agreed to meet for 30 minutes on November 20th, board confirms most important information to be delivered, slides to be highlighted. All in agreement on presentation.
    • WCF Project: Successful funding of WCF project “Educating PEI Watershed Groups in engaging their local communities about wildlife issues” for public outreach and advertisements concerning vehicle registration Conservation Plates. Arrangements regarding this project will begin shortly.



  • Project Manager Update: Angela provided a document summarizing her activities- 
  • Funding for AEI has been received and will be distributed to groups.
  • HCWG natural fishway is complete, board is in agreement that HCWG will be paid remaining balance held back from CRF funding (10%).
  • TUPCC bridge work was unable to be completed due to Dorian and other environmental factors, funds will be spent this year on materials for two bridges and construction will begin next year on both bridges.
  • WRTBWA awaiting TIE meeting for site workplan development 2020.
  • WRIG found another appropriate site for aluminum fishway, forwarded to Rosie MacFarlane for approval.
  • Electrofishing training was completed, as well as two salmon walks were completed.
  • Rebecca has been collecting equipment and will be uploading data to DataStream.




  • Watershed Ecologist Update: 
  • A recent brainstorming session with watershed groups to discuss ideas for future projects was completed, results will be shared with watershed groups.
  • Submitted comments on behalf of the Alliance related to the Water Withdrawal Regulations of the Water Act.
  • The province’s Forested Landscape Priority Places project through Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Canada Nature Fund will be starting this winter. In anticipation of this project and the Community Nominated Priority Places program, Mary has been invited by Canadian Wildlife Service to take the Introduction Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation workshop in Moncton, December 2nd – 4th.


    • Presented Fluvial Geomorphology training options for groups this upcoming spring; will investigate options with Rapid Geomorphic Assessment training (Ron Jenkins) as well as River Management course (Bill Annable). Potential to be delivered through ClimateSense training is suggested, and will continue investigating options.



  • Incoming Correspondence
  • Living Labs Project: Contribution Agreement was signed, but no money has been received since the project started in February.
  • Agricultural Program Update: Mike has spoken to Gwen Vessey and are trying to gain resources. BMPs have been discussed, focusing now on identifying high risk areas and outreach to islanders. Considering creating code of practice for farmers. Johanna has been speaking to living labs participants and the general feeling is farmers cannot afford sustainable practices needed. Mike recognized that our core funding, currently $500,000, will not be changing therefore more funding may be sought out to support farmers.


    • WMF Formula: Mike will be meeting with Brad and Kate to discuss funding adjustments; deputies would like to know priority areas for dollars spent. The board agrees funding formula is working, but should up the dollar value for point. Scott suggests there should be better performance evaluation and annual reports to show efforts given by groups, stressing the importance of watershed coordinator positions as viable career options and less of a stepping stone. Board is in agreement there needs to be more funding for coordinator wages year-round in groups. Fred suggests size of watershed group should be considered, possibilities of amalgamation. Performance is agreed most important factor to formula. A meeting will be organized to explain formula for WMF and ask what groups recommend.


Adjourned 5:18pm by Mike Durant.