December 19th, 2019 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

December 19th, 2019

The Gahan House

In attendance: Rebecca Ramos, Karen Rank, Fred Cheverie, Emilie Morrell, Johanna Kelly, Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Dale Cameron, Mike Durant, Jason Campbell, Scott Roloson

Regards: Jim Jenkins

Call to order: Mike 2:30pm

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: Approved by Dale, seconded by Fred and all in agreement

Discussion of items on forward agenda:


  • Mary Myers is interested in attending a board meeting in January
  • Health benefits in the works, Mary to circulate enrolment forms in new year
  • Discussion regarding event insurance and the possibility of combing event policies to save money.  ACTION: Mary to poll groups regarding their needs in the new year and work with Cooke to determine course of action. 
  • Directors and officers insurance and whether it is necessary to raise the amount for watershed alliance board.


ACTION: Mary to forward information to board to aid  in making decision. 


  • Striped bass (Angela): Diet and life history for  PEI stock need to be researched (contact Jamie Fox and see if his office would be interested in funding a portion of this) 


ACTION: Mary to compose a draft research proposal focussed on Striped Bass with consultation from Scott 

Financial Review:


  • Mike and Mary: We have hired a bookkeeper and she is in the midst of transferring our files into accounting software (we have applied for some CBDC funding to cover these transition costs).   Will have an updated financial update for next meeting
  • GST rebate for the past 2 years have been filed and is being processed


Project Manager update (Angela): 


  • See attached
  • Discussion regarding purchasing funding database and a dedicated computer that could ACTION: Mary and Angela to investigate database options be part of equipment database and groups could borrow.



Watershed Ecologist update (Mary): 


  • Mary provided an update on recent activities including: 
  • Forested Landscape Priority Places, approved for a small project this winter ($13K) focussing on gap analyses of watershed groups and forest projects and developing training resources with MacPhail Woods for watershed groups.
  • This project will provide 8 weeks of salary for Rebecca, additionally Rebecca will be helping out with administrative needs for the Agri Watershed Partnership which means we can extend Rebecca’s contract until March 13th.
  • Community Nominated Priority Places
  • Mary attended Open Standards Training in Moncton at the beginning of the month.  Both priority places projects will be utilizing this adaptive planning framework in bringing stakeholders together to discuss issues and plan projects
  • Met with Vicki and Julie Lynn at INT to discuss PEIWA/groups role in CNPP project
  • With both these projects, there will be planning meetings for stakeholders in the new year
  • Fall Meeting 2020,  possibility of combining our meeting with Atlantic Society of Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist conference which is taking place in Fall 2020 in PEI? Mary to investigate options.


Question from Scott regarding status of WCF project and getting signage in ACCESS sites.  Rebecca – she’s been in touch with sites and it shouldn’t be an issue. Suggestion from Fred that future advertisement could include compass ad.

Incoming correspondences:


  • Holland college ( Proposal regarding a watershed center of excellence)
  • Opportunity for watershed groups providing students
  • Providing more students OJT
  • Fred moves that we invite Sandy MacDonald to an upcoming meeting to discuss this initiative further.  Jason seconded this motion and all in agreement


Minister Meeting (Mike): 


  • Mike met with deputy minister regarding WMF: 
  • Current WMF model is a good one
  • Need more dollars in the fund
  • More UPEI and Holland College students in for Job experience and watershed full time work for supervisors
  • Funding for the Watershed Alliance for students from these programs


Green Party Meeting: 


  • Scheduled for January 30th, 2020. 


Board Meeting Transparency:


  • Have groups from watersheds come to the board meetings 
  • Have observers come to listen to what’s going on
  • ACTION:  Rebecca to send a note to groups to see about interest in attending meetings and being observers


Aquaculture Act (Mary):


  • Mary met with Jim Jenkins and Dan McAskill to discuss Alliance’s input for the Aquaculture Act consultation process.  Mary provided a draft of this letter to the board for their input. Scott asked to include a point about the migratory aspects of salmonids and how aquaculture facilities (sea cages) can impact populations.  


ACTION:  Mary to incorporate Scott’s suggestion into letter and then submit to DFO



  • Request from Angela to extend her contract from 48 weeks to 52 weeks with Alliance funds.  Karen moved that the Alliance cover the extra 4 weeks of Angela’s contract, this was seconded by Scott and agreed by all. 


  • Request from Dan McAskill for support for Illustrated Flora of PEI book.  Board deferred decision on this request until the new year.

Meeting Adjourned:


  • 4:23pm moved by Mike seconded by Scott.