January 30th, 2020 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Thursday, January 30, 2020

2 – 5pm

Smitty’s Restaurant, Charlottetown

In attendance: Rebecca Ramos, Fred Cheverie, Emilie Morrell, Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Mike Durnat, Scott Roloson.

By Phone: Dale Cameron, Johanna Kelly, and Karen Rank

Regards: Jim Jenkins, Jason Campbell

Call to order: Mike 2:51pm

Approval of Minutes from December 19th 


  • Moved by Fred and seconded by Scott
  • Action items
  • (Mary and Angela): book keeper moving forward income summary that has been handed out. See attached.
  • Forward Agenda
  • See attached


Financial Review


  • See attached
  • Project break downs
  • Over expended for the WMF fund as the other years we have been under
  • Paying all of the liability insurance from the alliances WMF
  • Could there be sub groups be listed under the insurance as the co-ops?
  • Fred moves Scott seconded for the pay for the accountant to get the book in order.


Project Manager Update 


  • See attached


Watershed Ecologists Update


  • Mary provided an update on her recent activities which included: 
  • Forested Landscape Priority Places project (Province and CWS)
  • Alliance has been contracted to help with meeting logistics
  • Potential for increased contracts before year end that could including bat monitoring equipment and additional admin support
  • Alliance has been asked to be part of steering committee, agreed that Fred and Mary would be representatives
  • Community Nominated Priority Places project (Island Nature Trust lead)
  • Mary recently attended partner meetings and there will be regional meetings for groups to discuss project progression and $$$ for groups’ work
  • Expected that there will be a larger partner meeting  in March
  • Wildlife Conservation Fund project
  • Wildlife Workshop is scheduled for Feb 4th and will include presentations by Rosemary Curley, Island Nature Trust on SAR, Maddy on Invasive species and Melissa Lafebvre from Canadian Wildlife Federation on backyard wildlife habitat
  • Rebecca is working on design for ACCESS centre banners and has reached out to groups for their feedback.  Have yet to receive a response about whether we can display these signs despite numerous attempts at following up.   Rebecca to reach out to Kate as next step and if this doesn’t work the board will follow up.
  • Habitat Stewardship Program (ECCC)
  • Mary will submit an EOI  tomorrow related to bat monitoring and conservation as a follow up the current project we are partnered on with Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative.   3 year proposal to include some money for Alliance to coordinate equipment and data analyses, some money for groups for monitoring expenses and potentially some money for groups to complete rehabilitation projects in years 2 and 3 based on monitoring results.
  • Permit discussion
  • Mary to meet with Shawn Hill who is now working in permitting and is in charge of Watershed Group applications to discuss potential amendments to the blanket permit
  • Mary to email groups asking for input in advance of this meeting.



Incoming Correspondence:


  • Debrief of Green Caucus Meeting – 1pm 


    • Michelle and Carla were supportive of the Alliance’s discussion


  • The board wished that there was more of the caucus in attendance
  • Discussion with Dr. Sandy MacDonald from Holland College re Watershed Centre – 3pm
  • Sandy attended the meeting to discuss potential collaborations with Holland College


    • This would be a project new to PEI, nothing like this program has been done before


  • Board agreed to support the general concept of increased partnership
  • The Alliance would like to further discuss this project to ascertain a beneficial outline
  • Winter Woodlot Tour
  • Joint event behind the blue field high school.
  • Eric Donovan Act
  • Being put through for harassment in the work place, workers comp is having this
  • Each non-for profit needs to have a policy for this
  • Other
  • A board member come forward for this coming meeting for the forested land scape
  • Mary going to put together letter for the WCF permitting that came up recently with the new 2020 applications for the spring
  • Scott going to look for the minuets to see if there was a motion that was carried out
  • Still waiting on getting a meeting with the PC portion of government
  • Opening up the board meetings for watershed groups to attend, announce this two to three weeks in advance of the meeting for people to attend the board meetings; get the groups to RSVP to meeting times.
  • Apply for charitable status; hire someone to do this for the alliance


Adjourned: Mike 5:02pm