March 12th, 2020 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting
Thursday, March 12, 2020
3 – 5pm

Hunter River Community Centre

In attendance: Rebecca Ramos, Fred Cheverie, Johanna Kelly, Mary Finch, Mike Durant, Jason
Campbell Karen Rank, Scott Roloson, Jim Jenkins
Teleconference: Dale Cameron
Regards: Angela Banks

Call to order: Mike 3:05pm
Mary Myers / Tree Nursery
– A million trees are planted annually
– Annual mix of tree species will not be changing soon, but expect there will be a discussion re
climate change in the upcoming years
– Soft woods have higher survival when planting in fields (mice, etc), Mary recommends starting
with soft wood then plant hard wood in later years as habitat becomes more favorable
– Tree delivery: The nursery tries to give “one truckload” at a time (approx. 700 trees) to each
group interested in ordering trees, once all watersheds have gotten their first truckload groups that
asked for more trees will then get a second truckload delivered. This “one truckload” rotation
provides an opportunity for groups interested to purchase an equal amount of trees/species
available, as well as ensuring trees can be properly stored by groups until planting
– Groups will be sent a notice indicating an order deadline for species that are “well-known
favorites” to make sure everyone gets a chance at purchase
– Nursery cannot take a species-specific order more than a week in advance for storage reasons
– Cannot reserve/set aside trees, too many people visit the nursery and can see the trees, the nursery
has adopted a pick-and-go set up
– If a small amount is ordered (approx.100), they can be delivered to another location for temporary
storage- Southhampton, etc
– Scott recommend more diverse riparian species, eg yellow birch
– Limiting factor is seed- finding, producing
– Oak can be hard to maintain in the nursery, but most other trees have a low mortality rate
– Oak and red maple will continue to be grown in high numbers
– Bay berry and rose coming soon
– No change to plating, alliance will ask groups at AGM in April what species they would like to
see more accessible

Approval of Minutes from February 20th:
– Moved by Fred and seconded by Karen

Action items:
– Letter from Winter River
– Follow the policy that was agreed upon in alliance membership by-laws: Groups discuss
amongst selves, and if cannot come to an agreement then alliance will agree to mediate
and groups must comply

– Mike will reach out to Kate for more clarification

Financial Review
– Over spent $10,000 but have carried over in previous years
– Will be receiving GST rebate

Project Manager Update
Absent – Fisheries and Oceans Canada Coastal Restoration Fund National Workshop
See Attached

Watershed Ecologists Update
See Attached

Incoming Correspondence
– Minister of Fisheries and Communities (Jamie Fox) would like to speak with alliance

Proposed changes to WMF:
– Red circling has been removed
– Will be distributing 80% of rewards given in 2019 so groups can get by until budget is finalized,
all in agreement
– Johanna suggests providing another step to leveraging- to be discussed with committee
– Scott suggests removing cap in proportion to $/ha
– Alliance board will provide more feedback when budget is presented
High capacity wells
– Agri-watershed partnership fund program / monitoring- coordinate a meeting to discuss this

Adjourned: Mike 5:45pm