April 7th, 2020 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
1 – 3pm

Teleconference: Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Jason Campbell, Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Johanna Kelly, Fred Cheverie, Rebecca Ramos, Scott Roloson, Jim Jenkins, Mike Durant

Call to order: Mike 1:05pm

Teleconference with Kate McQuarrie:

WMF 2020

– Funding will be released as usual
– No status quo as red circling has been removed
– Amount distributed to groups will be 80% of last year’s amount
– Contribution agreements will be sent out via email to groups soon


– Students may be paid wages, but are not be working in field until further instructions are given
from Provincial Health Officer
– WMF will not support field work, employees hired using WMF may work from home if possible
– Reach out to other funding to see what deliverables they are expecting given the circumstances
– Email will be sent to Mary to pass along to groups

Approval of Minutes from March 12th

– Moved by Johanna and seconded by Jim

Action items

– Board agrees to compensate Andrew Lush in continuing WGIS updates into 2020
– AGM will be postponed until approval to host public gatherings is reinstated by government

Financial Review

– Approved by Dale, seconded by Johanna

Project Manager Update
See attached

Watershed Ecologists Update
See attached

Incoming Correspondence
Cavendish Farms- Deep water well research

– Board has read the document received by Mike Van Den Heuvel and agrees that more
information will be needed before an opinion can be made

– The board also feels this information needs to be shared with all members of the
Watershed Alliance and potentially other island NGOs
– Mike will reach out to John MacQuarrie to request additional information; Mike
will also contact Minister Jamieson to follow up on the alliance presentation to
government and to get a sense of what Governments position is on this project

Kate will be invited to next board meeting to further discuss summer employment as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds

Adjourned: Mike 2:55pm