April 29th, 2020 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 29th, 2020

1:30 – 3:00pm

Teleconference: Dale Cameron, Karen Rank, Jason Campbell, Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Johanna Kelly, Fred Cheverie, Rebecca Ramos, Scott Roloson, Jim Jenkins, Mike Durant, Emilie Morrell

Discussion with Kate regarding COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Kate will send out an updated draft of protocols to groups
  • No gatherings of more than 5 people from different households as per Chief Health Officers orders, always maintain a 2-meter distance
    • Carpooling – one person per row of seats
    • Serious consequences if an employee is caught breaking social distancing protocols
  • If an employee is showing signs of sickness, they must stay home but will still be given their regular wage provided by WMF– this is Kate’s decision, it is encouraged groups reach out to other funders providing wages to discuss their guidelines as well
  • Due to the rapid incline of the virus, as of today there is no insurance to cover COVID-19 related issues, Mary will reach out to insurance company to discuss any possibilities that may protect groups’ from being liable
  • Pursuing additional funding for groups that may need to purchase extra equipment normally shared between employees
  • Richmond Bay Watershed Association, Cathy’s email regarding changes to WMF formula
    • Mike will respond to Cathy
    • Issue can be discussed further at the AGM if needed, all groups will need to be involved to discuss further changes in allocation


Approval of April 7th minutes:

Moved by Fred, seconded by Karen


Forward agenda:

  • Health Insurance
    • A few groups are showing interest, with COVID restrictions being lifted slowly Mary will reach out about quotes

Financial update:

  • Mike suggests further breakdown mileage and entertainment to improve accuracy

Action item – Mary will put assets into balance sheet


PM update:

  • See attached
  • CRF: update on property layer and an invasive species layer is planned to be added this summer to the watershed app

Ecologist update:

  • See attached
  • Rebecca will discuss banners further when ACCESS PEI locations re-open


  • Charitable status: would need to create another parent organization, might be a good idea to reach out to groups for their thoughts on this


  • High capacity wells: Mike had spoken to John M and would like to talk to Mike Van Den Heuvel in person
    • Will be discussed further next board meeting


Meeting adjourned 2:57pm