July 9th, 2020 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

3 – 5pm



In attendance: Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Karen Rank, Rebecca Ramos, Johanna Kelly, Fred Cheverie, Dale Cameron, Scott Roloson, Jason Campbell

Regards: Emilie Morell, Jim Jenkins

Call to order: 3:07pm

Approval of Minutes from June 10th 

  • Minutes were approved as read by Mike, seconded by Johanna

Financial Update:

  • Further specification on office supply category

Ecologist Update:

See attached

Project Manager Update:

See attached

Sustainable water extraction research / High Capacity Wells:

  • Board has agreed to meet with Mike Van Den Heuvel
  • The alliance is interested in seeing 2 years of baseline data before the drilling of any new wells can begin
    • Believe Mike Van Den Heuvel began collecting baseline data in fall 2019
  • Mike will respond to Robert about the board’s interest to discuss the alliance’s role in this project further before there can be a consensus to support this project

Ag-Watershed Partnership:

  • A position has opened up to join this committee as Dale will be stepping down from his role
    • Angela is interested in sitting on the committee, the board is in agreement Angela would be a good fit to represent the alliance
    • Mike will meet with Angela to give update on the committee’s activities to date
  • Before bringing more information to watershed members, more consideration/response from growers will be sought out
  • As of now, two pilot projects have been selected from locations in
    • Kinross
    • Souris


  • There will be a vote regarding removing the land cap
  • Presently the original design of formula will be implemented
  • A meeting has been organized with western groups for tomorrow to seek WMF input from groups, and another meeting will be held on Monday for central groups – eastern groups are welcome to organize a meeting if need be
    • Mike will attend both western and central meetings, and will provide feedback from groups to the board
  • The alliance feels all concerns from members should be sent directly to the board in letter format, so the alliance can keep proper documentation of suggestions brought in by groups
  • Mary will locate distributions from 2011 and previous years and make available for board and group members to fully interpret changes
  • Mike suggests welcoming one representative from each region to oversee alliance board meetings


  • By-laws amended
  • Kate is looking to alliance to provide leadership on land boundary, allocation disputes, etc as determined in by-laws



  • Mary has received quotes from different vendors for sometime early/mid August
  • A larger venue than usual will be needed due to covid distance restrictions
    • 50 person gathering cap – can provide option to have members call in as well, if interested
  • Elections and financial review
    • Central groups will discuss this on Monday, Johanna will provide an agenda
    • Western groups have organized a separate meeting to review before AGM and help shorten meeting time
    • The eastern region is encouraged to organize a meeting as well
    • According to by-laws, elections cannot take place until AGM but nominations can be made before-hand

Meeting adjourned: 5:01pm