July 30th, 2020 – PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Thursday, July 30th, 2020




In attendance: Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Karen Rank, Rebecca Ramos, Johanna Kelly, Fred Cheverie, Scott Roloson, Emilie Morell, Jason Campbell

Regards: Dale Cameron, Jim Jenkins

Call to order: 3:04pm

Approval of Minutes from July 9th 

  • Approval of minute was moved by Johanna, seconded by Fred

Project Manager Update: Angela provided a verbal update that projects are progressing and deliverables are being met.

Watershed Ecologist Update:  Mary provided information on the following items:



  • Completing spring meeting is planned for September (Board elections, updates, etc.)



  • Considering co-hosting fall AGM with ASFWB AGM
  • Board is worried there will not be enough time to for both organizations to present with only one day, leaning towards hosting separately as per usual

Chainsaw Training


  • Province will not be providing chainsaw training this year
  • Other courses available, but most groups are not interested/ cannot afford the fee
  • Johanna is offering to “loan employees out” for chainsaw operators- she has several trained
  • Scott and Emilie also have a couple employees from the eastern end
  • Karen has couple for west too




  • 5 groups are interested so far
  • Billing has changed as now the Alliance will be billed in full and then have to bill groups separately


Sustainable water extraction research / High Capacity Wells Presentation:

  • Board met with Mike Van Den Heuvel and Robert Godfrey on July 24th
  • All agree the project is addressing key problems and research is needed, but do not see the fit for partnership within the Alliance’s current goals and mandate
  • Concerns with availability of baseline data and available models
  • This is a large issue and requires significant more discussion  and input from with watershed groups before the Alliance can agree to be a partner.
  • Based on board comments, Mary and Mike will draft a response to Mike’s invitation and create a google doc for the board’s input, edits and approval prior to sending to Mike van den Heuvel.
  • Watershed groups to be sent Mike van den Heuvel’s invitation and the Alliance’s response letter so they are aware of the request.
  • Mike van den Heuvel’s letter and Alliance’s response letter will be posted on website


Meeting adjourned: 4:16pm