Sept 10th, 2020 – Ecologist and Project Manager Update included

PEI Watershed Alliance Board Meeting

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

12pm – 1:30pm



In attendance: Mary Finch, Angela Banks, Karen Rank, Johanna Kelly, Jason Campbell, Mike Durant, Emilie Morrell, Scott Roloson, Fred Cheverie, Nicolas Bergeron (observer)

Regrets: Dale Cameron

Call to order: 12:06pm

Approval of Minutes from July 30th 

  • Minutes were revised and approved by Emilie, seconded by Johanna
  • Approval from board to also include the Ecologist and Project Manager updates online going forward

Financial Report:

Report is not available yet, will be sent out to board when available

Ecologist Update:

See attached

Project Manager Update:

See attached

Montrose Fish Kill:

  • No cause determined
  • Clean up and samples have been taken by government

Dunk Water Extraction:

  • Summary of extractions between August 19-26th will be sent out to groups
  • Angela suggests informing Premier/ other members of gov how pumping effects stream levels and environment/ stressing fish, etc. Fred and Karen strongly agree.
  • Reach out to minister of agriculture and environment and premier to express concerns.
  • Forward letter to groups with explanation
  • Follow up with Tracy (BBEMA)

AWP Update:

  • Meeting with the ministers about continuation of program
  • Meeting with committee to decide what the ongoing program would look like
  • Clarence, Emilie (PREP) and Nic (HRA) have recently been in contact with Visser and Tobin for Visser site

Jim Jenkins:

Jim will be greatly missed by the board and members; a donation was made to INT in his name and a card was sent to his family. When the notice went out to groups, many members expressed affection and shared pleasant comments which were relayed in the card sent to his family.

Environmental Committee needs new member on behalf of Alliance, will reach out to the chair so they know we will be putting another name forward

AGM October 20th 

  • Rodd Royalty is booked for Oct 20th, Tuesday evening
  • Snacks and coffee will be served moderately
  • IT-AV is available for live broadcast to comply with covid gathering restrictions,
  • Reiterate alliance projects and why these projects have been taken on by the alliance


Meeting Adjourned: 1:37pm




September 9, 2020

Summary of Watershed Ecologist Activities

Projects underway: 


  • Forested Landscape Priority Places: 


      1. Year 2
        • Participating in core advisory team meetings  and workshops bi-weekly to undertake the assessing and planning necessary for the Open Standards Approach.


  • Habitat Stewardship Program – Bats 
  • Received notification on August 18th that our project was approved
  • Working with ECCC to finalize contribution agreement
  • Salary $$ for Rebecca to organize monitoring with groups (some $$ for groups to complete). Rebecca put out a call to groups inquiring if groups have locations that they would like monitored this fall
  • Rebecca in conjunction with groups was able to have 9 NABat monitoring grids completed last month (can use as in-kind support for HSP funding).
  • Living Labs
  • 1st wetland was constructed at the end of August, an additional 2 and potentially a 3rd  wetland will be constructed within the next month
  • Have secured  funding through living labs for a small contract for a researcher (Dr. Audrey Murray) to assist with data analyses and paper writing.
  • Community Nominated Priority Places –  Saving the North Shore
  • No updates to report
  • Watershed Worker Training
  • Organized and held an Invasive Species Spotters Network training on August 19th with Julie-Lynn Zahavich in conjunction with Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group.  13 participants attended
  • Discussion
  • Field and Site Visits
  • Visiting groups as requested
  • Completing assessments of salmon habitat with Angela, Daryl, Rosie and Jordan
  • ClimateSense Intern Proposal
  • Submitted a proposal to be a host for a 9 month intern position.
  • Our project proposal is for a communication intern to help create materials to inspire and encourage positive actions towards climate change adaptation.  Intern would provide information and resources to groups so that they can discuss within their local communities.
  • UPEI Environmental Studies Intern


        • Have been asked by Carolyn Peach Brown to host a student (30 hour project) this fall
        • Submitted a project idea to develop content for the PEI Watershed Alliance website on PEI fish and wildlife species including: life history information, ecology, PEI specific info, links to research and links to watershed group projects
        • Will know in next couple of weeks whether we’ve been matched with a student


  • Communication/Consultations


      • Submitted an online submission for Land Matters PEI August 31, 2020

Project Manager Update PM UPDATE   Sept 10, 2020


AEI Application– Payments dispersed to groups. Monitoring underway. Groups will meet in November to compile results and data will be uploaded to Atlantic DataStream.

MSc student- a qualified student has been located and Mitacs application submitted to continue work on the assessment of the effective width of riparian buffer strips to reduce suspended sediment in an agricultural landscape.

Potential Watershed Habitat Compensation Projects– Mary and I met with Don, Souris and BAWG staff and they are putting more information into their 1 page project descriptions and sending them to DFO.

HSP Application– “Atlantic Salmon Habitat Restoration in Prince Edward Island.” Jordan and Matt have been working with the various groups to identify and enhance salmon habitat and complete monitoring activities such as electrofishing. Gary Schneider has been out with groups doing riparian assessments. Data is being compiled in the google drive for the development of salmon management plans for each watershed this fall/winter.

AEI Partner Application– Easter Charlotte Waterways- Back in February I met with Donald Killorn re his project titled “Designing a dynamic watercourse buffer for priority watersheds in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.” The alliance signed on as an in-kind partner. They were successful in their application. I met with Donald this week and once the province’s lidar is available they will begin their project that will involve using environmental characteristic (slope, adjacent land use, etc) to delineate minimum buffer zone widths. This map will lead to measurable environmental results by providing insight into the differences between suggested minimum buffer widths and the current, actual minimum widths.


CRF: Sub-Project Updates

WRTBWA- Culvert has been ordered for Tim’s Creek. Old dilapidated culverts have been removed from another site restoring stream flow.

HCWG- Electrofishing surveys are about to begin on various tributaries. Permit has been submitted for a new boat launch for Campbell’s Pond.

KNWA- pumping commencing when tides cooperate but lots of shells and buried logs to deal with. SMU staff will visit site next week to look at elevations for salt marsh restoration.

SABWF- Coir logs have been installed and pumping has commenced. A drone survey will be completed when conditions are fit. Cordgrass has been planted and surprisingly is growing well in the coir logs-

Souris salt marsh restoration site- Gowan Brae

TUPCC- Bridge work has been underway. Gabion baskets installed and filled. Just waiting on stringers from TIE to finish the top of the bridge.


PEIWA CRF Capacity Building

Training: Logan from NS Adopt a Stream will come to PEI in October to do a hands-on RTK training workshop as well as a classroom session showing folks how to upload and map data. We will break up training into 2 sessions depending on interest.

Mapping: Michael at Tesera will be doing a zoom training session on Wednesday September 16th. Jordan, Matt and I are using the platform for the salmon HSP project.

Work with First Nations Partners: Received statement of work from SMU and Danika and her team are coming to PEI next week to assist MCPEI/Lennox Island staff with data collection in order to assist with oyster reef site selection. We have a zoom call later this afternoon (Sept 10).