About Us

Who We Are

The Prince Edward Island Watershed Alliance (PEIWA) is non-profit cooperative association of watershed management groups on Prince Edward Island.

Our Mission

The overall goal of the PEIWA is to improve and protect the environmental quality of Prince Edward Island watersheds, for the benefit of all Island residents. The Alliance shall empower Island watershed groups to achieve their goals by promoting cooperation, by serving their needs and by providing a strong, united voice in addressing Island-wide watershed issues.

Guiding Principles

Access to clean, safe water is a fundamental human right and essential for the physical, social and economic well-being of all Prince Edward Island residents

Environmental stewardship is at the forefront of the work of the Alliance; water conservation and water quality issues must be considered in the global context and related to other environmental issues such as climate change

Each member watershed group is autonomous; its capacity to develop and achieve its own goals must be respected

Successful action depends on willingness to engage communities and to work collaboratively with other community-based organizations and sectors including, but not limited to, agriculture, fishing and shell-fishing, forestry, community or municipal councils, and tourism

Active participation of member watershed groups is essential for the success of the Alliance

Member groups are equal in status, regardless of size or number of years in existence


Serve as a strong, representative voice for community-based watershed organizations

Support new and existing watershed groups in their development

Support all watershed groups to carry out the work they have defined as necessary to improve and protect the environmental quality of their watersheds

Promote and improve communication and cooperation between watershed groups in P.E.I.

Facilitate opportunities for watershed groups to collaborate on the provision of training and services

Ensure that watershed planning and conservation efforts are taking place in all P.E.I. watersheds

Ensure that issues affecting the environmental quality of our watersheds are addressed

Provide input into public policy and programs that support conservation, protection and enhancement of Prince Edward Island’s watersheds

Create public awareness of watershed issues and of the role of individuals and community in addressing those issues